After installing code and running the Recheck I get "Code not detected"

We moved a website to a new server and copied the files to it. Statcounter still said that it could see the new site. I have installed the code per the instructions for a joomla site. When I do the Recheck, it says "Page is not accessible". The website is definitely working, I have checked it.

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If your website is what I think it is, going by your registration info, the code is placed in the <head> section of the page source. It will not work there.

It should be placed just before the </body> at the end of the page source.

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The instructions did not work, their is no Statcounter code in your page source.

After installing the code you should view the page source to confirm that it is indeed installed.

If you have access to the site's source code you should install it manually.
Doesn't the screenshot show the code in the index.php file where it is suggested to be put? I have cut and pasted the given code from statcounter in manual process. It seems to me as if I have done just that. Perhaps I don't understand your comment.

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I am not familiar with the process you are using to install the code.

The screenshot does not show any of the Statcounter code. I don't know where it went. And the screenshot shows the <head> section, the code must go in the <body> for it to work properly.

In the end, if you right click on the site's pages in your browser, and select "View Source Code", you must see the Statcounter code as it was supplied. If you do not, then the code is not there.
The process I am using is from It is here: or here:

Here is a screenshot of the code:

The instructions say to place the code in index.php but perhaps it is supposed to be in a different file. What file is it showing when you right-click and view the source?

It certainly looks like the instructions from statcounter for joomla is outdated.
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I do not use Joomla, but Joomla may have changed things since that guide was created.

Also, some servers will NOT process the request that the site's software has asked for. I've seen it appear that the request was completed, no error messages, but nothing really happened.

It is always best to use html code when ever possible and install it in the footer common to all pages.

In some cases you do have an option to work with the page code. Many times these automated processes fail because to changes to software and servers and other things beyond Statcounter's control.

The bottom line is, after any installation, the page source must be checked to confirm it is actually installed.

EDIT: I posted this reply before you completed your edit in the above post. I do see the screenshot, it does show Statcounter, BUT, as I mentioned above, sometimes the server will "appear" to have processed the request, but due to something it did not like, it did not actually do it, or sometimes it changes the code you entered and then it still won't work.
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It has to go into whichever php script produces the end of the page markup with the </body> tag. The code has to go just before the </body> tag.