after the hack

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hey did anyone have any problems with their computer after the hack?:-?

lucky said:
hello reallyhilary
I think you should open a new thread with that question.
According to the moderators preliminary assessment, the forum's 'moderator profile' was hacked in a way to somehow allow the alteration of the moderators signature, by placing/inserting there, some executable code, which in turn led the viewer to lycos. Is that all it did? (I am not down playing what happened.)
Depending upon the level at which the "hack" occurred, our private information with SC may have been compromised as well.
What happened there please?
Shouldn't, it wasn't that type of hack. Annoying more than anything. I deep scanned my pc at the time, before knwiing what had happened, and didn't find anything.

My sig had been modified (hacked if you will) at the time - hopefully nobody else's. In any case that "feature" in forum setup which permitted that incident has been corrected, so this can no longer happen. Perpetrator has been banned forever of course.

It is a safe assumption that me (i.e. my own sig) was the target of the attack, as it ensure maximum havoc was created. Anybody accessing any page of the fourm where even one of my posts was present (this my sig) would have experienced the redirection.

Html and any kind of scripting are no longer possible in anything in the forum. Any still present have been totally neutralized.
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