Am I being ripped off?

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I am in the middle of my second ad campaign with The first campaign, I was curious why I got over 2,000 hits to the website, but 0 sales. Now, in my second campaign I think I have found out why, but I don't understand how it can be happening. If someone can explain why I am not being ripped off, I will be grateful. My email campaign directs prospects to my website. Nothing new there. On a Google AdWord campaign for the same website, people are going to the website and landing on the index page. Then they have a choice where to go, because there is nothing to do on the index page except go somewhere else. All the prospects clicked on the Products page, which is the natural next choice. With the emailadCampaign prospects, I am getting thousands of people to go to the index page, but NOT ONE goes to the Product page or any other page! Its like these ads are being answered by people who can't read or a computer, which goes to the index page, then stops. I get tons of hits to the index page, but 0 sales because the prospects go no further. How is this possible? How can emailadCampaigns get "alleged" prospects to a website, but not actually have a real human being who can read actually be doing it?:confused:
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I have written to the campaign company about this problem, and, since it's the weekend, probably won't get a reply until Monday. If I am being ripped off, I either won't get an answer or it might not be truthful. I wanted to ask the forum, because I may get an answer that is unbiased. This appears to be a technical issue. From a technical standpoint, I don't understand how a website can accumulate "hits" or "unique visits", but nobody loads the page that logically everybody would go to. The Products page may be a link or whatever you want to call it; however, if you go to the website you will understand why nobody would logically stop at the index page.

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Hi saltee442

How are your new visitors being made aware of your site. Are they clicking a link in an email opt-in campaign? Or are people being taken, heels dragging in a pop-up or pop-under window?

If I find that I'm now at some site without my fore knowledge, I hit close or back button very fast. I didn't ask for my browser to suddenly whisk me off to some unknown site, and not knowing what waits for me, I can only assume that with tactics like this, it won't be nice.

I don't think pop-up/pop-unders are effective.

Your home page may be a little too stark, mean that respectfully. With "nobody would logically stop at the index page", it may also be that they don't see that the site offers much. I discovered after some trial and error that I had to offer something more right up front. More visual and more content. BTW - I see little content on your site. Images don't supply enough for search engines. Google's index shows almost nothing for your site, just one result.

I would write something about your products and put it on your homepage. Something for the search engines and for your visitors. Sometimes people will buy from a site that isn't just trying to just sell them something.

Thanks for your reply. The origin of the hits on my website was an email campaign with my website as a link. I, personally, hate pop-ups.

My website content may need improving. I am not beyond constructive criticism. However, that is not the problem I am trying to solve. When you visited my website, my statcounter saw that you also clicked on the Products tab. The problem I am trying to get to the bottom of, is why are there no visits on the Product page from any of the email campaign prospects? From a technical standpoint, I agree, a pop-up is one reason a website would have no more than one hit. Are there any other technical reasons that only the index page would be recorded?

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Well you saw my move to your Products page so that means that technically speaking your visitors are being tracked if they go there.

Sometimes you need to be part Detective to figure out what people are doing or expect when on your site.

The question you have to answer is what kind of e-mail campaign is this. As Car Guy says some types are a turn off probably because they are dangerously close to being spam.
I have also found over time that in retail you can not equate hits with sales. Look carefully at your web pages. Do you have a hook that would keep people's interest? Do you constantly update to keep people returning? Rework your key words. What I am finding is that htere is no substitute for your own sweat investment.
I don't think it's a technical problem as such, in that the most likely reason you're not getting any record of hits on the product page is that people aren't going there.

The question, as you've suggested, is more are the hits being generated by a computer or a person and if the latter are they genuine visitors or clicking on behalf of the campaign company.

Presumably the geographical spread of the visits looks sensible or you'd have spotted all the hits where from the same source. Which would suggests a person is involved then the question is are they genuine.

Even with the lack of content etc. I would have thought some of your visitors would explore the site so if no-one is that sounds suspect. Maybe try renaming the coupons link to Special Offers or something more enticing and see if people cilck through to that?

What I am finding is that htere is no substitute for your own sweat investment.
True, shame though as the odd shortcut would make life a bit easier wouldn't it? ;-)
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I really appreciate everyone's input. Having said that, I still don't have an answer I can hang my hat on. I have a call into another email marketing company and will move my business to them if they can give me a satisfactory answer to my question. Of course, if does answer my question to my satisfaction, I will stay with them, or revise my website, or, if all else fails, I can always go back to Google AdWords. Problem there is that it's so expense, even at $1.50/click. Thanks everybody!
I really appreciate everyone's input. Having said that, I still don't have an answer I can hang my hat on. I have a call into another email marketing company and will move my business to them if they can give me a satisfactory answer to my question. Of course, if does answer my question to my satisfaction, I will stay with them, or revise my website, or, if all else fails, I can always go back to Google AdWords. Problem there is that it's so expense, even at $1.50/click. Thanks everybody!
This might not be constructive and is definitely biased. Email campaigns smack instantly of spam to me. Where do they get the (insert amount) email addresses to send to. I don't care if they claim to be spam compliant or what. The email address that I received when I first got internet access has been harvested so many times that I bet it's on every list of email campaigns in the world ... maybe even Mars. I get tons of stuff. Most claim to be compliant and legal and all that. I report them all to my ISP as spammers and filter them. What I'm saying is to save yourself some money and go a different route.

As for your problem, I agree with the others. I will add that an email campaign, or any advertising for that matter, is only as good as the copy used in the add. Basically, if the emails simply say "Come visit my Boutique. Click here", you might get visitors that are expecting one thing and upon seeing the site, leave because it wasn't what they expected. I hope that makes sense.

As others have said, getting the visitors is just the beginning. Then the selling has to happen. As mentioned, the visitor gets to your site expecting "x". S/he sees "y" and leaves. What could you have done on your site to get the visitor to hang around and at least visit the rest of the site?

I went and looked at your site briefly. It is a nice looking site. Lacking on copy or not is debatable. It is simple and elegant. If that is your goal, I think you have achieved it. My suggestion would be to launch your own "campaign" and do some leg work. Join a few "social bookmark" places and add your site there. Get listed with Alexa. Search for the terms `boutique add url`. Put "add url" in quotes. In Google, you will get sites about boutiques that have places to add a link back to your site. Use it. Try 'free "add url"' and do the same. Take care to check the site before you add your site link. Some might not be what you would want to advertise on.

Few more things and I'll shut up. :mrgreen: You site is named "<title>Home</title>" as far as robots are concerned. Find this and chance it. Within your home page the name of your site is only in the graphic. Humans read this, but robots see nothing. Put the name of your site (Bountiful Boutique) on the page somewhere in plain text. As example, instead of 'We have', put 'Bountiful Boutique has'.

I ... will ... not ... say ... fix ... the ... html ... errors. Ouch, that hurt. :)

I wish you the best. I'll try to social bookmark you later. Right now, I gotta get around to go. :)
With FrankV

I went to your site thru the link here, not an email.

I did visit your product page and be be bluntly honest... with no ad copy except banners to other sites, I was given no reason why I should click thru.

I know from my own experience, I will usually never click ads in an email. It has to be an ad I am truly seeking more info about.

But all this talk here about email ad campaigns is a great help for me. In 4 years I have accumulated almost 100000 email addys from visitors to my site. I never sell them and I have never used them to benefit me by flooding my clients with sales copy. I am sure many of these email addys are no good by now, but I have been thinking of starting an email campaign offering just a news letter of sorts.
I am getting thousands of people to go to the index page, but NOT ONE goes to the Product page or any other page! Its like these ads are being answered by people who can't read or a computer,
YES! At last, I have found the answer!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but you just provided the answer to a question that has puzzled me for over a year now.

Your visitors never get past the first page because they are being paid to visit your site. Once they have clicked the link in the email an reached your site they have earned their money so leave as quickly as possible.

To explain. In the other forum I use we get LOTS of spam about sites that pay you to click on adverts or links in emails. There are literally hundreds of these sites now, most have bux in the url. They typically pay 1 cent for every link you click on. We rip the poster, and the site apart until the admin arrive and delete the thread.

The question I have been asking myself for the past year is "Why would a retailer pay someone to visit their site"? After all, the visitor would never buy anything, they are just there to collect their payment.

You have supplied the answer. The retailer isn't paying the visitors to visit the site. They are paying an ad network for visitors. The ad network then pays the Paid To Click site, who in turn pays it's members to visit your site.

There is no doubt in my mind, your ad network is paying a site such as to send you visitors., or a similar site is then paying it's members to visit your site.

Your visitors only visit your site to collect the 1 cent they get for visiting it. That's why they never click a link once they reach your site, it's just a quick in an out then on to the next site.
I've not read each response to this thread, but enough to get the bottom line question you asked.

If you paid for a email campaigns to get traffic to your site. Well it worked you are getting traffic. Your stats indicate that fact.

If you paid to get not only traffic but sales also, well then you are not getting what you paid for. I doubt that the service offered that though.

However you can do one or two things,
1. request that the email campaigns direct the traffic to the products page and not the index page or

2. Turn your products page into your index page.

If neither results in sales, then I would assume that the campaigns your trying don't work and I'd not spend any more money on them.

I would tend to believe though that that sort of campaign to increase sales would be ineffective and not really going to generate the type of business you want, which I again assume would be repeat business.

It very well may be a fact that a machine is reason for your traffic, but unless the service specified "human" traffic, well that is the fine print and the scam.

You should be able to tell though via your stats if those visits are coming from the link to your site being from within an email or not. I doubt that a machine would really open a email and then follow a link.

So if your stats do not show that those visits resulted from the link in a email was clicked and followed, then well I'd assume it was a machine.
Just to reinforce my previous comments, try this link


But replace the XX with tt and delete the ***

The 4th question is "can I really earn money for reading emails" Or words to that effect.

annd the answer is

Absolutely! Simply click the confirmation link in the Paid Emails™ that SendEarnings™ delivers to your Inbox. After clicking the confirmation link, your account will be credited instantly and you’ll be taken to our Advertiser’s web site.
In other words, some poor sap is paying us to send them visitors, and we are paying you to visit them.

The bit I couldn't work out was why the poor sap would do that. There's a middle man between this site and the poor sap.

Apologies to anyone who may consider themselves to be a "poor sap". The above was written when I put myself in the shoes of the above web site's owner. I firmly believe anyone who pays these types of sites, directly or indirectly, is an innocent victim, not a poor sap.
I've used them

I've actually used in december of last year... I bought the 2 million package - I was selling a clickbank product. It worked pretty well - I made around $650 from an under $200 investment! You gotta really make sure that the page you're sending the leads to is a high converting page...

Hope this helps!
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How many sales did you get?


Hey Matt55, if you don't mind my asking, how many sales did you make? How many of those millions of people came to your site, affiliate page or whatever, and bought your clickbank product. I have been thinking about using as well. Just wanted a little idea of the conversion rate and such. Have you used them since last year? Thanks for your help.
emailadcampaigns is a fraud. & the post by Brad above is also a fraud.

1. they set up a statcounter to make it look like your getting traffic. I already had statcounter installed & you can clearly see the referring link

Here is what a referring link looks like from

Here is what a referring link from a email should look like

2. they change the url in the message to their statcounter url.

3. not one of the thousands of hits leaves the homepage, all stay online the same amount of time.

4. my site has sold up to 50 memberships a day, & still does well...not a single "visitor" left the homepage. is a true Fraud. here is a reply to a ripoff report I submitted (not the same as below post)

While on that ripoff website I did a search for any other post about our
This came up --
I'm guessing that was you??
If it was you, i'm very sorry for you! Keep in mind what goes around, comes
around :)



so, #5, they also send threats
Hey angie4life44!!!

Hey "angie4life44"... you're not making much sense! You're either a competitor of theirs or you really have no idea about email marketing!

You sound very creative in making stuff up... that's a gift i guess :-D
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