Another site's stats on my site

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Not sure how it happened but when I look at popular pages in one of my projects, a different website (not mine) is in my stats. I went to the website and viewed the source page and see no reference to StatCounter. So how could this happen, and what does it do for my stats, good or bad.



Enable the security code feature (click the "wrench" beside your project, then "Security Code". Make sure that the Security Code feature is enabled, and if so, choose "Change my Security Code". Once you've changed it, you'll need to generate fresh StatCounter code and replace the code on each page of your website.

That should solve your problem. :)
This happens to me from time to time - usually when someone uses one of my websites for "inspiration" and copies and pastes some code from my site to theirs (including the statcounter code).

Usually a polite email to the webmaster of that site will do the trick, otherwise it is a change of security code and reinstallaton of the code.

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