Anyone Betting On Romney?

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Hi all,
I am thinking of betting on Obama for a largish amount of money.
I live in the UK and think Romney hasn't a chance as he is bound to make serious gaffs.
Obama is cool and never seems to slip up in a major way.
From folks in the USA am I right that Romney has no real hope?
Give me some opinions please.

IMHO, I'd not bet on either of em' tho advantage obama
For those who follow the odds

They're both presenting the "gaff's"

I'm in a so-called swing state.... hmmmmm

Ain't quite sure yet, hopefully the lesser of two evil's........
Here is a link you can copy/paste that may prove interesting...... Ohio is a very good predictor of who will win.


"disclaimer" the link is not a guarantee of anything from me, just something to look at.... :)
Thanks that is interesting,
I watched Obama's speech just now and think he really has the zeitgeist on his side.
But I don't know just how bad poverty is in the US today.
Some programmes I have seen show terrible conditions and tent cities etc.
But I think Obama will win so I will back him.
What is the return for placing a bet on each of them ? Is it with the bookies over there in the UK ?

My gut feeling is Obama all the way. But we get fed news from the media down here only what they want us to know, not always what is the true situation is.

Good luck with your bet.

Personally, I don't think the Republicans have a prayer of getting any candidate elected President this time around. Just my opinion, though. I wouldn't bet on it.

Most polls tend to project that this race is very close.

I am politically active, not saying which direction I lean, I talk to many past Obama supporters who are not crazy for Obama anymore and they like Romney.

Independents and Undecideds are who these guys are campaigning at. Many voters are up on a wall, which is pretty amazing to me considering the political line that has been drawn. Many are new voters just graduating and most of these young people tend to vote first then ask questions later.

There is a huge difference between the 2 candidates and which way the country will go.

Voter fraud is also going to play a huge role, I'm not sure how low the parties will stoop in this election but I can imagine.

One thing for sure, Obama pulls this one out of his hat, Republican party will go to the wayside and a third major party will spring out of this, Tea Party Style.
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We had a hung govt last time round and many say the liberal democrats are finished for joining the conservatives and not labour as all of their election pledges have been broken.
I have bet £1000 on Obama and he is a favourite but not by as much as I would have thought.
The media in the UK such as the BBC have a heck of a lot of intellectual debate and talk in between the news headlines and they seem a bit edgy about Romney's religious views as we tend to separate church and state by and large.
Blair got such bad media due to his open protestant faith.

I think he race will get closer but Romney seems more gaff prone whereas Obama can seem aloof and intellectual to the common man.
We'll see, one thing is for sure, I LOVE elections and all the whole who ha about it.
I think the race will get closer but Romney seems more gaff prone whereas Obama can seem aloof and intellectual to the common man.
Might be due to the Liberal lean of the media... to project Romney as Gaff versus Obama as Intellectual, you think?

Trouble is the last few supposed Gaffs by Romney were actually facts. haha :-D
How the electorate handles it now? Well, I pity America if it gets 4 more years of what we've been getting.
Reading DSL guy's info I have gathered that we in the UK like to think of the republican's as gun ho and perhaps religiously mad. Whereas the democrats are full of writers and academics and comedians etc. Arnie been elected in california didn't help this view over here where comics rip into the republicans.
I personally do not and have always been a floating voter. I make my judgements on what is actually been done during their term.
My brother is very cynical despite standing himself for local govt.
He says all is about image and talk and making the other guy or girl look evil and it is very silly carry on and nothing much changes as money is what really calls the shots.
I have to say I think he has a point,, alot of talk but not as much actual change in individual lives.
... Well, I pity America if it gets 4 more years of what we've been getting.
I pity the USA if it gets either a Democrat or Republican in office. An independent needs to be elected in my opinion. The Dems and Reps need to learn they they can lose. As it stands, I think they believe themselves to be invincible. And so far, they have been.

All standard disclaimers, and any others I can dream up, apply. Don't wash you feet in muddy water. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate unless you are a sadist.

Have a great whatever you have. :mrgreen:
disregard Polls

Polls are BS... The Fly-By alphabet media companies, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. are BS... wait till the debates and then place your bets.
Polls are BS... The Fly-By alphabet media companies, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc. are BS... wait till the debates and then place your bets.
Media, the media is pinning everything on what Ohio does...... and I agree with the opinion about the polls. They can be easily manipulated. The sample sizes that are being done with some of the Ohio polls are incredibly small samples. There was an interesting talk show on the other night...... Capitalism vs. Socialism

Which seems to be our choice.
new poll

sort of...

Gov's new tabulation on the unemployment rate miraculously is now dipped below a national 8.1% and is revised to 7.8%... can you believe it? 43 months over 8% and just 1 month away from re-election it's now under 8%... where it was supposed to be all along... remember the promise made about shovel-ready job stimulus? Unemployment was never to go over 8% if he was allowed to stimuli. haha:roll: Well... they are trying some type of psych on the voters because it is said no sitting US president has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate over 8%... so now are we to believe president Obama will be re-elected? What say you?

After watching the debate... I kind of expected Romney to prevail in order to present an image of president Obama as an "under-dog" so to speak... like he was painted back in '08. At one point to me it appeared Romney was lecturing the professor Obama... ;-)

I can't wait to see Biden versus Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan :) that's going to be a comedy show. haha
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what you hear and the opinions you hear all depends of which media your watching. If you watched the debate then you heard with your own ears what was said. I don't watch the recaps as I don't want to hear others stilted opins. I missed the debate last night.
I absolutely love the debates here in the uk at 4am!
Romney looks to be ahead in some polls but my experience in the UK is that when entering the booth people go with their man in place rather then risk change but who knows.
Here in the UK comedians joke about how the best the reps could come up with was a man who lost to the man who lost to george w bush by that I mean he lost to mccain and mccain lost to george w.
I love this election so much.
The bbc keeps on saying that Ohio is the key.
Can't wait to the next debate.
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