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Car Guy

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Hi all, fellow Members & Mods

This may seem strange coming from a Moderator, but I still consider myself quite new to forums even though I'm very comfortable here!

Before I joined this forum, I had only visited other forums in search of information on topics of my interest. I was often put off by comments of members towards each other! Sometimes ganging up to trash another member. Many times instead of offering help the poster was mocked for asking a "dumb" question. I even observed the Moderators of these forums participating in this manner.

After lurking in the shadows of the Statcounter forum I ventured in as a member. I remember my first few timid posts. A few dumb questions that were answered with respect. The forum has been a great learning experience. I by no stretch of the imagination am a Statcounter expert! I'm still learning and some things I still don't think I fully get LOL

Having been on this forum, and now as a Moderator myself, I can now appreciate the great amount of work and dedication put into it by the Moderators before me. Without bias, I can say that this is a first class forum; clean, spam free, respectful, helpful, and Statcounter has something to be proud of!

More than just support for Statcounter, a community :)
times 5

I am with you car guy. Community is what I have perceived for quite sometime. I have searched far and wide on the web for a similar "International" forum with such a great community and the search comes up empty every time.

Even if I could find a similar forum, I doubt it would be as comfortable as this.

Actually, it has been a daydream of mine to own such a comfortable international forum because I love communicating with people and I love being able to keep on top of and share in real-time what is going on. I find I can also do that here. I hope the administration here does not mind.
well, how bout me! lol, I love this place. nuff said. Now I know I'm not a woman of few words, but in this instance no more are needed!
Well I know nothing and am a complete clutz, but I found Statcounter when I was first trying to figure out how to build a web site and was totally absorbed into it's community spirit. One of the first to come to my aid was Christina (aka Webado) and her selfless, tireless, patient help put me on the right track. Many others pitched in and 'the forum' became the only place I wanted to be. Though technically challenged (severely), when given an opportunity to be a mod I jumped at the chance to pay something back into a great community. In my years as a member, I have never seen a genuine request for help and guidance be turned down, even if it's nothing to do with 'the counter'. I'm proud to be a member of one of the finest resources on the net. ;)
yup u guys r right. this is one of the best forums that i have been to and the staff and the users are just downright awesome. i have learned alot from the senior members here and i thank you all for the patience and the help that you all have provided me.
Add me to the list. I still mostly lurk, but I check the forum almost every day, and at least once a month, I learn something I thought I already knew.

The key to a great forum is great moderators.

I rest my case.
Me too!

Haven't had much time recently, and am just glad I happened pass by to see this. Couldn't agree more and have greatly appreciated all the help I received when I was more active on the forum and needed all the help I could get. Always found good advice here in good spirit and intend to return and try and reciprocate where I can.

In the meantime, in addition to a couple of businesses, a lot of my time has been spent assisting a local computer club and other local community activities - including assistance with websites. Scary, eh?!

Best wishes to you all.
As much as I like to provide a counter view there's no way I can on this one.

I've learnt so much from the regulars here and been given a welcome alternative view by others.

There is nothing I dislike about this place except the spammers and hats off to the mods for keeping them at a minimum and it's the fact that it annoys be so much when someone tries to abuse this place that tells me how much I appreciate it.

On the rare occasions that I've actually helped someone else out I really get a buzz out of giving something back.

I honestly cannot thank the mods, regulars and all real members here for their help, support and "friendship" over the last few years.

As an example I remember when it was kicking off in Pakistan people showing genuine concern for mustafaneguib. There's another great example of the friendliness of this forum and most of you will know about it. (RIP Gina)


StatCounter Team
Hi all,

Sorry for arriving late to this thread!

I know that Aodhan is amazed at the way the StatCounter community has grown since he first set this whole thing up back in 1999...culminating I think in the arrival of a certain Ozzie on a UK doorstep a few months ago!

Can I add my thanks here? Although I had been in the background for a while at StatCounter, I only ventured into the forum about a year ago... Since then, I've been made to feel very welcome and been helped out in so many ways... I really appreciate it. :mrgreen:

A forum atmosphere can't be created by one person - it's an intangible community effort and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this forum. Let's keep it up folks!!
oh look what I just found again! :oops:

someone who shall remain namless, pointed out at the time, all of my fruedian slips! Truly all were completely innocent and surprised me to death. ;-)

oh found another this one is much cuter!
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yes I do, during a particularly trying time in moderator lifetime I seem to recall. The queen of hearts with axe! lol well see it' not an axe, must mean I meant to equip you with one, but thought better of it and gave you a sharp edge heart to off them with.
What can I say, more than a year ago I was active in several forums and newsgroups, not as active as in this but anyway....
When I get more occupied with work and other issues and have less time for forums and groups, I dropped most of them and rarely visit what's left. The only forum I could not drop is this Statcounter forum, because here i feel "home". A great atmosphere and appreciated members, who can leave that? You are my cyber space family! :lol:
Although I'm not around so much these days (life taking over :wink:), I still consider many on this forum to be my friends. You've made me laugh, and you've made me cry.

I don't know any other forum where members are so willing to give free help and advice, and even step by step instructions. Thanks to everyone.

Being a moderator on another forum, I know how difficult it is to keep the spam at bay and my thanks go to all the mods here for their fantastic work. Keep it up :)
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