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Only a speculation I am making but I hope if someone knows the correct answer to this they will voluntarily post it.

Statcounter stats showed me a bot from live search entered one of my pages from a search result. It was a very broad term.

I speculate that this means the bot indexed that page in that corner of the search. Am I close?
Bots performing searches? What next?

Might have been somebody left a link to a search query lying around posted on some page and the bot crawled and then whatever search results it found.

That bot must have been image enabled if you found it logged by Statcounter.

BUT a bot would not have shown a URL of page visited or referrer (thus no search terms would be known) - because for that it would need to be javascript enabled and bots are not that.

Therefore it's not a bot.
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That is why I was thinking it was a bot. When I follow the link back to the referring search term I can never find my page entered at least not under the broad one-word term. But when I do a variant using my site's main keyword it comes up.

I get these kinds of hits every now and then. They always show up as zero time spent on the page. Just that there was an entry and an exit through the same page.

Another one was this one:
bl2sch1082114.phx.gbl (

leads back to the same result page. If they are not bots do you have an idea what they are? Are they trying to hack me somehow?

I performed a search to see what that first ip returned for results on G. Many of the second and 3rd page results refer to it as a microsoft block.
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Maybe MS have been secretly building a robot that can "do" javascript.

Is there a browser associated with that hit?

Doubtful it's anyhting like hacking attempt.

Mind you, Statcounter could (technically, and I hoep they don't shoot me for syaing that) show at least the url of the page being visited when javscritp is disabled. It would however require using a variant of the current img url which gets the referrer to itself and that woudl then be the actual visited url.

But you wouldn't be able to have a true referrer in that case.

Do the stats show it's javascript disabled or not?
The following :


MSIE 7.0
Operating SystemWindows 2003Resolution800x600JavascriptEnabled

also listed from the ms corp.
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What is the significance of a javascript enabled bot? Actually I don't know one bot from another.

This most likely then is a new bot from msn js enabled?
I've gotten them too, but I have a different take on how they get there.

Let's say I wanted to show you where to go to find out about widgets. I might post an entry like this one in a forum thread:

Let's say you follow that link, and click on a search result. If the landing page has statcounter code on it, the referer will show as live search.

When a robot crawls this page, as it will, it will pick up that link. By the time you follow that came from, your page on widgets may have fallen off the search results.

Dose this make any sense?

when i do a search from msn or from live search, the query url string will end with =MSNH

The one labled as a live-bot ends with =LIVSOP

is livsop acronym for live search operation?

i can't help thinking because the link goes back to msncorp, and it's labled live-bot, and just this morning i get contacted by phone from someone who searched msn for internet help line, which backs the idea it let me know I was in some corner of their search category - internet.

here is more info about this which also seems to point to bots.

They seem to think it's a msn spam bot which leaves a trace so if you check your stats and click the link, you will inflate the hit stats for that keyword catagory, which means they can charge internet marketers more for that keyword in pay-per-click ad campaigns. if the reports show massive hits to that keyword, Once the general catagory price goes up, so will the 2 and 3 and 4 word phrase variations using that general keyword.

Almost sounds conspiratorial doesn't it? Is msn beyond fudging the numbers for profits? Is pay-per-click pricing at msn manipulated this way? Could this be the beginning of uncovering a dirty little secret behind search specifically msn?

Here is an excerpt from a blog located in Germany — Microsoft apparently scours the Web with a Bot faking real users, using the IP range Unfortunately this bot fakes a real User Agent and contains a faked referrer to Microsoft LIVE search, with the result that this bot devastates referrer logs, counter statistics and even AdSense. Microsoft does not respond to any direct requests.
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