Broadband connection has fast download but slow browsing??

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We have just had a new broadband service installed where I work - provided by virgin.

The download is amazing - we get on average 2mbps when downloading.

However, internet browsing is very slow - pages are sluggish to load, and yesterday I tried to access and it just wouldnt let me on (tried clearing browser history, tried connecting directly to the cable modem etc) and I know it wasnt the site because I could access it outside of the network.

I spoke to virgin and they seemed pretty stumped!

I figure it could only be an issue with there servers, or a virus at our end - but I doubt that as it was working fine on BT line a few days before.

Anyone have any ideas?

Can't help with your problem, however the shopping cart I use has a forum and several people on there have been complaining of problems with Virgin broadband being very slow at times, and completely failing to load certain websites. Complaints to Virgin support are going unanswered and some of the guys are chainging from Virgin to someone else...
How "broad" is the broadband they provide? Baseline DSL is fine for one computer, but for multiple computers, that gets eaten up quick. Virgin might not be providing your company with a big enough "pipe" for the number of computers. Also, did Virgin offer you their browsers (assuming they have their versions of a browser)? That might be an issue as well.

Just guessing here.
Sometimes browser settings or anti virus programs can slow down website load times too. I recently installed IE8 and had to turn off one of the website checking filters because it was taking ages to load websites (well a few more seconds more than I'd like), it basically checks each website before it loads slowing down load times. Might not be your problem but worth checking.
Have tried several browsers (opera and IE 6/7).

We have a busines broadband line, we do have about 6 or 7 compuers hooked up at any one time, however, I have tried plugging the cable modem straight into one PC and same problem so...?

Will try flushing the dns but Im sure Ive seen cases before where mtu settings or something similar can cause problems similar to this..?

What I have done today is made a list of times, websites that were slow etc so I am going to phone them tomorrow with a bit more info on my hands.

Definately need to get this sorted though - we are having bad luck with broadband - before this we had bt business networking package and that was crap too!!! But I have faith in virgin yet...
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