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gurdyp said:

I'm still wondering if there is some way I can see who has visited using Came From.

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I have been having this same challenge, and weeks ago insured that I had no blank lines, etc. Then, re-reading this, it occured to me that maybe I needed to add some domains to the internal list. In my case, adding /index.html to each domain solved the problem. Immediately I had a full list of outside "came fromss" instead of a full list of my own site.

Wait, just using the domain as and also is all you need to ensure that all url's from that domain are considered internal to the site. If you use /index.html after the domain then only that page is considered internal, while all other pages on the same domain will not be internal.
maureencita said:
I've been fighting with the "came from" for weeks.... I didn't realize there was a forum....
Thank you sooooooooo much

Glad that you have found us here in the forum! Come back often........the lounge is great.
Same problem


I see both from the number of comments on this thread and the number of views that not catching referrer information is quite a common problem, and unfortunately I am seeing also.

I have 2 sites. is the first one I installed the java statcounter on, and it appears to work fine in every respect except the 'Came From' data, which is missing.

I have tried the non-frames and frames versions, in both the top and the bottom of each page (within the body tags as far as I can see), but without luck. The pages are created using EROL, and are a bit messy to read, but appear to use frames.

Our second site (in fact, the original one), is created using MS FrontPage. I have installed the non-frames version of the java counter and it works fine, including collecting data on referrals as expected.

Both sites are hosted by the same company, and although they are on different servers, AFAIK they are configured the same and run the same environment.

Both sites also use toolshack/hitslink tracking and code is installed on all of the same pages as statcounter. Both work and collect referall details, so for want of a better way to describe it, the data is there, it just isn't being collected by statcounter on the site.

You may detect that I'm not an expert in this stuff, so having followed the advice on this thread I'm really no wiser.

I did run the page verification thing mentioned earlier on the thread, and it spewed out quite a few errors, but I'm not sure how relevant they are to the problem. Since the other tracker works, and I can't do much to change the way the pages are generated by EROL, I'm hoping it isn't a factor.

Can you advise?

Many thanks

Your code is a mess, that's an understatement. :-D

In any case, the code has to go in the files that get shown in whatever main frame you have - whatever shows the main distinctive page information.

There you have to use the frames version of the counter.

However if by any chance you have frames inside other frames you're out of luck, as the frames version of the script can only find the parent referrer for one level, not more than that.

I'd strongly advise to get rid of frames completely. You can use SSI techinques to accomplish the same thing better, and css as well if the scrolling action is desired for parts of the screen display.

Frames are very bad for getting a site indexed properly in search engines.

A bit of help there would be from the <noframes> tag content, but the headache is almost not worth it, IMO.
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Your code is a mess, that's an understatement.

In any case, the code has to go in the files that get shown in whatever main frame you have - whatever shows the main distinctive page information.

There you have to use the frames version of the counter.
Yes, yes, and yes. Agreed on all counts.

Unfortunately, the code is generated by the application, so I don't have any control over it. Even to my untrained eye it looks grim, but other than that it actually does what I want it to do without a great deal of knowledge on my part :)

However if by any chance you have frames inside other frames you're out of luck, as the frames version of the script can only find the parent referrer for one level, not more than that.
That is entirely possible, but I don't know for sure. I guess the fact that the other code works doesn't give any clues?

Regrettably, starting the site from scratch without frames is an unlikely way forward for me in the immediate term, so I may have to stick with the hit counter I currently subscribe to rather than switching to this one. Unless you have any further thoughts :)

Thanks for your reply

The other site is totally different structure-wise, even if the content appears to be the same basically.

Why don't you use that format to replace your messy site? Let's put it this way. If you're worried that search engines may penalize for duplicate content, they can do that even if the look is different, because they really only consider the text content.

Not only do you have numerous frames, but there are all kinds of scripts that simply don't allow me to even view individual pages. If I try to visit the page which gets shown in a frame by itself, javascript takes me right back to the framed version. If I disable javascript I see no content practically. That's why I say it's a massive mess.
If you want to experiment a bit, here's a version of frames.js attempting to deal with nested frames (no idea if it would work).

Donwload it, unzip it and upload it to your root folder and then use that instead of the one from Statcounter. Only do this as a test, since we are nto supposed to make coies and modify code. I'd just be interested in knowing if it would work.

So replace this line:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

with this:
<script type="text/javascript" src="nested-frames.js"></script>

after you have uploaded the script.

Be prepared to put back the original you are using now in any case.


Crikey Chrisooc!

I unzipped and ftped the js file and modified appropriate line on my home page to point to it, and it seems to work! If I test if from a referring site and remove my IP from the exception list, I see a referral from that site!

I haven't changed any of my other pages to see how they do, but so far so good.

Impressive work. Many thanks :)

I guess the question is, if I copy it to other pages and it works fine, where do I go from there?

To use your script gives me the feature I want but is in breach of the terms as you point out, but to revert to the legitimate version (which I assume changes over time as new features/enhancements are introduced) leaves me without the feature I want!


Can I assume that the changes only affect the referrer stat?

I'll report back in a day or two when I've copied the changes to other pages and I get a chance to see some results.


Yes it only affects the referrer data. It's exactly one line, one variable which is different from the regular version of the frames.js script.

I'll try to "sell" it the Statcounter team, maybe they will put it into production alongside the other one.

Indeed, the reason it's a bad idea (not just disallowed for the sake of disallowing it) to copy the script to one's own site is that it changes over time and might become unusable if there are any changes to the underlying functioning of the actual Statcounter tracking scripts.

Now this version I gace you is only to be used with nested frames. It won't work with regular, single level frames and never with frames across domains.

Now if the level of nesting is even higher than what you had it's going again to be impossible. Don't even think of trying it LOL
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working but not really

In my 'Came from' page, i see a list of referring links, all with drill down arrows and some ip info within that. All seems great, except that i've realized its not recording ALL referring links that people are coming from. I know that because i checked using godaddy's free stats tool, which is telling me that x number of people are coming from where i have a profile and a link.

So the problem is that all those referring links that godaddy's tool is showing isn't showing on my statcounter! what gives? I did check to see if im using the full java script, and as far as i can tell i am. here is me site:

Thanks a bunch!
Are you hosted on Godaddy? If so then the tools they have are on their own server and in that case they can detect things that Statcounter cannot detect, since it relies on javscript for url information.

A server side script on the host server can detect the referrer (if it's nto blocked by the visitor). regardless of javascript being enabled or disabled.

A remotely hosted script like Statcounter cannot detect url referrer prior to the page where the script is being used withotu using javascript.

In other words to Statcounter the referrer is your own page and nothign can be known about anythgn before that (i.e. the referrer to your page), if tested server side on the Statcounter server. Because of this, Statcounter uses javscript for this information. But javascript disabled visitors (or any who block remote scripts as security), will show up with no url information.

Always check the log - Recent Pagelaods. Do not check just Came From. In the log you see all that has been logged, unfiltered by assumptions like Came from is. If you see a hit with referrer in the log but do not see it in Came From, time to investigate your settings.
i found that but when i uncheck show external links only after i update it and then when i reload the page its checked again what with that?????? and doesnt show any thinglike before i also checked for blank lines none is present
I don't see how using Statcounter code would interfere with anything like that.

Of course you have to use it proeprly.
And you also have to insert your Google ads properly.

Have you validated the page? Use .

In case you didn't know, Google adsense, when the account is first activated, only shows those kinds of ads at first. After the page where you have the ads has been crawled and approved by the adsense robots, you will see actual context driven ads. This may happen after a day or 2.
I found a workaround to use StatCounter on MySpace:
Anyway I don't know if it works. Some confirmation?
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Forwarded Domain a Dead End ?


I also am having the problem where I cannot see any outside referral links :(

Its my new site, and the domain is forwarded and being hosted by my main site. After reading this post .. Am i having the same problem as "Mflaherty" ? I have tried everything .. Seems like you just can't use referral link if your domain is forwarded. Only links that appear in "came from" are internal links even if I check or uncheck show external links only..

Any help or suggestions ?

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With framed sites in general, referrers are actually parent referrers.

But with sites framed across different domains in particular, the parent referrer cannot be obtained, it goes against the internet protocol, it's an illegal request.

What you call a forwarded domain is simply a framed site where the frameset is on one domain (yours) and the contents of framed pages are on another domain (your hosting).
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