Came From - no stats from External - Aha! Check this out

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Just to make it clear then: I cannot have a javascript code in my wordpress blog, so I can't have my come from stats.

I must use the html code that also won't give me the come from stats.

Therefore, if I have a wordpress blog I won't receive come from stats at all.

Is this right or is there a way to receive com from stats?
The thing is: I am using the javascrip version on my blog. What else should I do to get come from stats? (and no, I don't have any blank adds like Christina said before).

Thanks for the quick reply.
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Car Guy

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You may have selected the javascript version, but the code on your blog is missing the javascript portion. Only the html is left.

Very likely it was removed in the install process.

You will not get "came from" unless you can install the complete javascript code.
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