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Hi Statcounter.

Every day I check the 'Came from' stat on my projects, which is a great help in tracking our efforst in marketing.
Only, we frequently send out email news-letters with links to specific pages on our sites. Would it be possible to include the numbers: 'no refering link' in the 'came from' stat? so we can see how many visitors either clicked on an email link, or types in our web address manually (or even from their bookmarks)?


If you send a new email with specific marketing pages, and you want to know who came from that campaign, what I would do is set up a specific campaing page: or something, and in it I would add:
1. The statscounter code
2. a redirect to the page you want to promote.

In the email I would post the campaing_05_03_02.html and every one that will click on it, I will know it.

After that, its probably that ppl add the 'Redirected' page as fovorite, and not the 'Redirecting' page.

cheers, HTH
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