Can you count *all* times anyone opens my Google map?

I have been using statcounter for a number of years on a custom Google map. Each time the map is opened the Googlemap API is downloaded from Google's servers. Recently Google slashed the amount of free map API downloads they will provide.

Thus it is critical that I know the total number of times per day the map is opened even if the same person opens the map multiple times within a short time frame.

The 'Help' info says the smallest value I can set for "maximum session length" is 30 minutes. Thus if the same person opens my Google map multiple times within 30 minutes, statcounter will only log a single 'hit'. Is that correct?

Does the paid version of statcounter allow me to set "maximum session length" to zero?

Statcounter will count all the hits (i.e. pageloads) that it can detect. Remember some visitors don't get detected at all by Statcounter if their browser blocks third party images.