Change link on counter to go directly to "My Projects P

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It's not going to happen I'm afraid.

But i'm assuming you are using the "remember me" cookie - the link is right there on the home page to go straight to your project.

Also - simply bookmark the page in your browser and go there instantly!

Not changing the link on the counter.


Good enough. Is only a very minor inconvenience, anyway. Certainly well overshadowed by what statcounter offers.

I'm satisfied. Thanx for the quick reply!

Oh yeah-- BTW: I did try using the "remember me" cookie. Use those on all sorts of sites I frequent using Firefox. For whatever reason, never remembers me.

You're right, of course-- If I could get that to work, that would easily address this minor inconvenience. Has anyone else complained of that cookie not working? Maybe it's just a Mozilla Firefox issue...

Well, as I said, it is a very minor inconvenience. So far I LOVE statcounter!
The cookie thing is a well known issue. Whether it's related to security settings that make it ineffective, we'd all like to figure out what makes the cookie crumble after a day or two. And it's not just A Firefox problem, although you need to set up separate cookies in IE and in Firefox and in Opera.
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