Check Your Logs for Spammers and Splogs using AWstats and Excel

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This subject has been discussed often here, so I thought there would be interest in this:

Quoted from the site:

"One thing I know most webmasters (including myself) don’t do enough of is sift through our weblogs. Website logs collected at the server level can tell us a myriad of things but most importantly, they can help us pinpoint who is stealing our bandwidth (via out of control robots and comment spammers) and who is stealing our content.

A tiny bit of hard work, the ability to follow directions, some familiarity with excel, and a keen eye for the out of place is all you need to figure out who is stealing from you by looking at your logs. Let me show you."
I've been using this tool for quite a while, and it has been helpful, the only thing you should consider is the P/H ratio, the author declares it as 0.6, for me, it could be as low as 0.3.

I have learned to use my weblogs extensively to optimize my website. I love a tool that lets me do a bit more research on a potential link. I have had several requests lately from sites that pretended to be legit only to be gambling/adult/****ra websites hiding behind innocent looking home pages. There ought to be law...
competitor website stats

can any one help me to find out the stats of competitors websites.Thanks for your post
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Only other place I can think of that you could get competitors stats would be Alexa.

Does anyone know how Compete Toolbar and Alexa get the stats? I don't understand how it is done or how they can possibly be accurate.
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You have no Statcounter code on your site!

You need the code on your pages to make it work! ;-)

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competitors website

listen i dont know what u think nobody will tell about their visitors or such a sensible information but you have to look after it if you want to remain in competition i think there are only few tools on net which can help u out
but what i say you have to get information about your competitor and i want to know.Alexa sucks it does nt give much width knowledge which i know a tool gives soory trade secret.
I use firefox with the following 2 plug-ins "SeoQuake" and "SearchStatus" for analyzing many things - (like how many links my competitors have)

I recently built a real estate site for the spartanburg real estate market and I was looking for something to track my http referrers with more detail I just got through plugging in the stat code to test it out. ...but if your looking for the best toolbar tools for trying to figure out what your competition is doing then I would start with firefox and their various plugins and if you want the best free SEO tool "WebCEO" is about the best thing to use until your ready to buy its upgrade..

by the way...I am Luv all the great threads here at this site...cant wait to see what else I can read and learn here from you guys! um and Girls?! ;)

Just my 2 cents.
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