Chrome vs Firefox

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An interesting competition is going on in the internet world that which is the best internet browser.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox ?

With the competition heating up between the two giants its the common internet users who can look forward to benefiting the most from this.
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Even though Google Chrome seems to be good, I'm still using Mozilla Firefox. It will be interesting to see how many Firefox users switch to Chrome once it gets off beta and gets the same addons as Firefox.
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It will not be easy for FF lovers to switch to Chrome once it gets off beta with all the addons. Atleast I won't switch, FF is amazing 8)
I used the Chrome Beta for a bit and changed it to my default browser. Not being much of an add in guy it didn't take too much for me to switch from Firefox. I love the Chrome layout - and the minimum of clutter. Also a big fan of the start up page. It took a bit to get used to but once I got used to it I find it's much better than a static home page.

Frank, don't bother! The code's in there I promise ;)
The way I see it, Chrome and Firefox are not really competitors...
Currently, Chrome feels like a lightweight but extremely fast browser, while Firefox is more like a browser packed with add-ons.

I'm curious what Chrome has to offer when it 's gone gold.
I haven't tried Chrome yet and it is doubtful I will.

I like Firefox, but my wife likes IE because FF likes to freeze up when left sitting idle for awhile. This was better before FF3 came out, but with FF3 it started again.
I tried Chrome for a couple of weeks ... loved the look at first ... but, after using it, I now think it's a bit rubbish.

FF is definitely my favourite by a long way.
I've been using Chrome again for the last couple of days.
I still like it, but... I removed it because of Google Update that gets installed with Chrome. No way to configure google update... and it keeps hammering for updates whenever the computer is idle.
Anyone else get the feeling that Google is spreading themselves a little too thin?

There have been a few of their projects that haven't gone so well lately.
I don't see any reason to use Chrome since I couldn't browse without my Firefox plugins. Maybe if NoScript got ported for Google Chrome as well...
As a Website Designer, I like Chrome for 2 specific reasons:

1) Sites viewed in Chrome seem to reflect problems more clearly so I use it as a troubleshooting step.

2) The Code viewer is the best of the browsers in my opinion
I don't know. I love Firefox - don't get me wrong - but lately I've been getting a little annoyed with it freezing, especially with several tabs open.

I'm thinking of going somewhere else - I tried Chrome and thought it was rubbish. And IE, well, I seriously dislike IE.

I want to stick with FF but if this keeps up ... I may need to move ...
I have FF3 on Vista, lots of problems with blue screens and hanging shut downs for which I blamed Vista - however when I stopped using FF things were a lot better, not perfect, this is still Vista.
So I migrated to Opera, I even tried (whisper it quietly) IE, I get occasional hangs but nothing like the same problems. Googling it showed a widespread problem. FF2 was fine.
Chrome? It's OK.
For me, Opera is my favorite for many reasons. As to code view, if you select Opera as the program for viewing the source (rather than notepad), it opens an editible view with color-coded tags, and a button at the top to apply the changes to the document. You switch back and forth from the page tab to the source tab with ease. I wish it had numbered lines like Chrome. Other than that, I need no other program. Sometimes, sites designed to work optimally in IE (for whatever reason, people still do this), will not display properly in Opera. Not a fault of Opera, because it is quite standards-compliant, as is Firefox, my close second in the browser race. Opera has versions for all the major operating systems, as well as for small devices. I'm happy it has a small market share. Keeps the malware creators at bay.
Hi everyone, never really posted here before, but got a few minutes spare and thought this was a good thread.

I've been using FF for most things, IE for one or two where I need the compatability, and Safari cos I pretend I'm using a Mac :lol:

I switched to using Chrome for two reasons:
1) It seems way quicker when rendering a page (though it could be because the other browsers are clogged up somehow).
2) It's MULTITHREADED, so if a website crashes in a tab, the other tabs aren't affected.

ok, I don't use add-ins, but from a quick usage point of view, Chrome wins for me. That's my two penneth.
Ah ha, yeah, of course - my illusion is shattered now!!

I'll log a support ticket, so that from my ip, when using Safari, it says "OSX (not windows), OSX!" in the stats. :smile:
Is it working in Chrome?

I'm getting "This webpage is not available" and "Error 2 (net::ERR_FAILED): Unknown error." immediately after log in on Chrome It used to work for me, still works for me in other browsers, wondering whether something's changed.
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