Combine sites in "came from"?

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In my came from listing, I often see the same site listed a few times separately. Example:

Is it possible to have an option to aggregate (combine) these?

Similarly I get something like this:

Might it be possible to know the total who came from "" rather from each separate forum post?
BUMP to this idea... I still think it would be a really significant improvement to the usability of the reports. Yes it would have to be optional or another item to click (similar to the new Path report) but it would be very very helpful!

Thanks and thanks for StatCounter!
It is a bit of a stretch to assume outright that and and are exactly the same url. Yes, to the naked eye this appears to be the case only because of peculiar defaults that dictate that www is the default prefix. There are website addresses such as,, etc., which, while associated with the same actual entity, are very much distinct. happens to be the same as

As for aggregating the urls arising from different forum entries, again I think this would require extensive and complex string analysis which may complicate the reporting unnecessarily.

The day the raw logs can be downloaded in csv or Excel format, then you can try to filter the information in this manner in on your own pc, by whatever means, using tools designed for such analysis.
I would not think it would be too hard to do your first three examples.

The one prefixed with www.1--- would not be combined with the ones without a 1 in there.

The programming rule would be "ignore http:// and http://www. and http://forum (and several other common ones) and everything after .com, .org, .net, .us, .etcetc" (there are a limited number of domain suffixes to program if you just do the main ones).

This would leave only in your example "" and I would like to see how many people came just from that.

My came from looks like this right now:

...and it is really not helpful that way. I mean it is good for some things and I'd like that info available, but it would only be four or five lines in the alternative listing method I've suggested, which would be very helpful for other things.
I think the "chop url" option only chops YOUR url, not the address of the site they clicked on. My page with that option looks like this:

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