Combine two counters for same site?

I started the html site several years ago. Later, I started a WordPress version and it has a different statcounter project. It took me a while to get all html pages copied over to the WP version, but now that I have, I'd like to have the two projects combined into one. Is that possible or do I just delete that old project that's no longer being used. Thanks!
You can create a group of projects for both and keep the old project there. You can always combine the lifetime totals manually.
We used to have the option to adjust the total for a given project but that seems to have been removed.
Yes, this is definitely one of those moments where "if I knew then what I know now, I would have done it differently." But at the time, I had somebody doing this for me and I had no clue what he did or why.

I moved the two projects to new combined group, but if I could just take the total from the old site and add it to the newer one, that would be better. Then I could just delete the old project.

What I would really like to do is what you said, "You can always combine the lifetime totals manually." I can't see how to do that, so please let me know how.

Many thanks!
As I said, until fairly recently you could have modified the total on a project. I don't really know whan that disappeared.
When I say combine lifetime totals manually I mean just that. The total of one project + the total from another project. The group will show this for you anyway.