Combined Project Stats

Long time user here. One thing I find missing is, while I can view the stats of my individual projects and have plenty of control over organizing them, I cannot simply see the stats for all of them at once.

I know how it would be done - by placing a second tracker on the page, one that unites all projects. But that is more scripting the user's browser needs to process and is a heavier burden on statcounter itself I imagine. If statcounter could let us view stats for all projects in a way similar to what is done - hourly on the network, total pageviews for all projects by month/day etc. it would be very helpful to those of us who have 10+ sites. This feature could be on-request, with the current homepage as-is. We could just go into another area to view all stats combined.

Any time one of my sites is down, it's likely another's up and being able to view this all at once would be helpful to viewing the health of my network. Also with more information, it'd be easier to spot any network issues (unexpected drops in traffic on hourly).