Confusing google ranking in stat counter

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Since no longer being able to view the keyword information from google I am interested in the ranking number of the keyword what ever it is that a user uses to reach my site but the number given in stat counter is not accurate. For example a number of 8 rank is given whereas the true rank maybe 2 as per my rank tracker software and when a search is done with personal settings turned off. Can any one explain this please.

Many thanks in advance - Simmo


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Statcounter give you the "rank" from where on the search result page the specific visitor found the link to your page.
It can be based on the visitors personal settings, interest and "behavior" that Google has registered about the visitor.

The "rank" may not be the same as what you or anybody else get, with or without personal settings. It can still give an indication if many visitors comes to your site after finding it from a high (first page) place in their search result.
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