critics and advice for a new design

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I'm making a site but I'm not sure about the design, so...
critics are accepted!

The site is not yet ready so I put an image here
Does the header look too big?
the borders of the main body are not seamless... is it too noticeable?
Table tapping? Gonna teach us how to dance? I feel sorry for you :D.
But I like the start of that page but I think the middle part is a bit out of focus. I keep looking at the top even when I try and look at the middle.
I think the brown parts are to dominating.
Thanks for the comments.

So Llama, you think I should aybe make the header smaller? or change the color perhaps? I'll work more on that.

And I won't try teaching tap. I tried to teach tango to my boyfriend and discovered I am the worst teacher some one could find :S
The system is for pubs. The tap is in the table, so is a kind of selfservice.
The steps... well I was trying to make it more fun.

:roll: the translation is mine so maybe is not correct. I hope the company will hire a professional translator service before I upload the site.
I'm no pro, so don't take me to serious :).
But one thing I catched up is that the visiotors eyes should be guided by the web design to what is important on the page. In this case the text and images in the middle. Yes, making the logo smaller might work. You have to test it.

Also. I might be daft but I am not sure what the brown part is, is that old paper? I really like the blue paper but the brown makes me confused. Are you supposed to think it is a billboard with papers added on it? Or is it three types of papers, the blue, the brown and the white background? Or is the wghite background a wall?

I think the illusion of a blue paper nailed on a blackboard would be pretty nice.

As I said, I really like the logo text "TableTap" but I think it would look good alone, on top of the blue, without the brown paper. Keep the glass stains and the decoration.

For colors I usually have to check the color circle to see what fits together.
This is such a tool:
Ahh so you meant taking off the paper on the top. It is called Amate in Mexico. I don't know how is it called even here in spain, and nor the least idea the name in english :S
I used it because is the image I used for all the advertising. Amate, the beige in the background and the blue as the color for the product line.

Today I was too busy in other themes but on monday I'll post an image with a smaller logo and maybe without the amate. I'll test

Tanks :-D
Nothing really, just trying to figure out what the OP's new design was supposed to be about. Found those sites so I guess his is something related to that stuff.
Actually is the same product but commercialized here in Spain.
And I made that page :p

The contents will be similar.
And the screenshot I uploaded corresponds to the 4 steps named in the autopull page. I just don't want to repeat contents "exactly". I'll take a closer look to be sure the message is expressed clearly, thanks for the advice (or is it advise?), but I think that when you read it in context the message is not so vague.
I'd have never figured out what it was from the screenshot. Nor did I have any idea why a lesson in dance steps had anything to do with tables, let alone tap.

I was imagining some sort of table top "finger dance" game. And I thought, hmmmmmmmm, why would anyone think or want to learn finger dance steps, and the graphics show footprint dance moves.

I didn't get it until just now, and I'm still a bit confused, but I'm in the USA, I don't go out much thus maybe my ignorance as it relates to the subject. lol
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