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I've been having the same issue for a couple of weeks, though for me the site is inaccessible almost all the time. I keep getting a 520 error: Website is offline. I've attached a screenshot of the page. If I clear my cache, I can get the login page, but once I enter my login info and try to proceed, the error page comes up.

Anybody else having this issue?



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webmonkey - there was a database issue that prevented some members from viewing their stats temporarily - I believe that is under control now.

questions questions - this is very strange. Our site is up and running at 100% and you should not be seeing that error page. Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We're no aware of this issue at all.

I'd like with your help to debug this issue and get to the bottom of it.

First of all, can you try and type into the address bar.

Does that work for you?
I'm afraid it didn't help. I got to the login page, but again when I tried to sign in, it went to the error page. Tried going through your link again, and it went straight to the error page (not the mail login page), as mentioned before.

It's happening on both firefox and safari, by the way.

Just thought I'd mention that the tabs sometimes go to their links, while other times they result in the error page. Trying to log in *always* results in the error page.
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Access Denied error again

Access denied for about the past 45 minutes:

I apologise for the inconvenience but this database query failed to execute correctly while attempting to log you in. This will be fixed shortly.

best regards,

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Is this being addressed?
I've been checking back occasionally (a couple of times a week or so) to see if anything has changed, and interestingly enough, I did notice something significant: while I'm still having exactly the same problem of not being able to log in and getting that error, I decided to try the Old Statcounter link, and all my stats are displayed there and can use it as normal. I didn't need to log in or anything.

Hopefully this helps in pointing you in the right direction?
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