Disappointed and Disgusted with Statcounter

Have been a Statcounter customer for 2 years and for 1 year I've been asking for a "Unique Pages only" checkbox on the MagnifyUser page. The "Statcounter paths" become pages and pages long, making it impossible to figure out which pages on your website have been visited or not.

Luckily www.piwik.com has already begun implementing what Statcounter tech support calls an "unrequested feature". I have never written piwik support so I guess somebody else requested it. Haven't been able to get piwik to work on a windows server yet, but I await the day with joy. Unfortunately, I have 2 years of data for a 300 page website at Statcounter and I'm supposed to figure out which pages have been visited by combing thru the infinitely long Statcounter paths.

I even tried downloading the Statcounter logfiles, and then had to report to Statcounter that the logs were incorrect and told them how to trace the missing files in Excel, and the appreciation I got was: "Too bad about the long paths of the MagnifyUser page, but we don't have time to implement this feature."

The really disappointing and disgusting part is they have the filter concept already implemented on the recent visitor activity page and actually request "filter feedback".

Worse yet, Statcounter built a huge API with all their time, just like piwiks API. And yet I do not have time to program it myself, I wanted to pay for someone else to provide a nice website, which is what I thought I was getting with Statcounter. If I'd had wanted a program-it-yourself website, I would have gone to piwik.com. You get your own database there, and it's totally free no matter how big it gets. Why pay Statcounter if you have to program your own features?

Wasn't Statcounter supposed to be the statcounter that was the simple alternative to google analytics and self-serve sites like piwik? How is that now Statcounter is spending all it's time on becoming a complicated do-it-yourself website, instead of implementing simple feature requests for it's users? I am now trapped at Statcounter until I figure out a way to port my stats, as these stats are now under court order to be produced: unique pages visited by each website visitor. Wait til you get a court order for your website statistics and try to sort them out.

I tested out a 3 page website on piwik.com last week. Currently they label duplicate pages visited per visit with a 2x, or 3x etc beside the page name. The next step would be to label the duplicate pages visited during all the visits (ie. remove duplicates and put a ?x next to pagename, which I never even requested from Statcounter. Just please remove the duplicate pages visited when the "unique pages only" box is checked on the MagnifyUser page.)

For instance, I call it the "Did Johnny do his homework?" feature. So if Johnny only visited Assigment1, Assignment2 and Assignment4, then he didn't do Assignment3, even if he's visited Assignment1, Assignment2 and Assignment4 hundreds of times. This could be used for product page visits as well. After your Statcounter MagnifyUser path is over 8 pages long, wouldn't you rather just know WHICH pages a user has visited?

And more than anything else, I don't know why I've had to beg for a feature which seems like a no-brainer. Computers are supposed to take large amounts of data and make it smaller, and yet Statcounter is taking a small amount of data and making it larger. Just a big pile of spaghetti after a while. Can't even sort thru it. And Statcounter tech support says, "oh you can do that by hand for every user in our newly fixed download files." Why do I have a feeling that I am once again going to be debugging the StatCounter download logs. I don't have time to do my own job as I must now manually process the data in the download logs, rather than have it just intelligently displayed on the website. If Excel can "remove duplicates", why can't Statcounter programmers.

This has been a nightmare and I keep hoping for it to end with one little "Unique Only box" on the MagnifyUser page. But that's apparently too much trouble for Statcounter, after a year of requests. I can't wait until Statcounter gets a competitor that makes them do something.
I have to disagree with the title of this post.

I do not often compliment any service.

I realize that there will always be feature requests, but find StatCounter easy to use and it supplies the basic information at the click of a button.

I really like that they have kept both the latest and the old interface as it is easy to switch.

I really hate javascript as I see it as lazy design, however as it does have a purpose it is nice to see an application that can switch easily between both.

Keep up the good work StatCounter.

If I do have a complaint, it is a minor one, and that is we cannot automatically login to the forum through our Control Panel.
The API for this forum though will need some work and I see that.

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StGeorge - Did you bother reading anything but the title?

StGeorge, It's obvious you do not even understand the request and that you do not have enough website traffic to even understand the need.

As well, except for the initial test, this has never been a free service for me. I immediately started out as a paying customer, and have upgraded as I have enough webstats to need it. I pay less per month to my website hosting company ($6/month) than to Statcounter ($10/month).

Once you get enough webstats to understand what I mean about "Unique pages only filter on the MagnifyUser", then you will be singing my tune.

I asked privately to tech support for an entire year for this simple feature and got nothing but the runaround. I thought I might get a heroic effort if I put it on the forum. Wrong. Good luck to you.
Wow lol

I wish I had your problem ;)

I don't have any issues with the Magnify Users page or the links. Most of my users don't generate enough traffic to have 'pages and pages' of activity - everything fits neatly on the page and it's pretty easy for me to read and see what pages they are seeing.

So, I would tend to agree, what you are asking for is not something your average StatCounter user encounters. But even so -- wouldn't you want to know if your users visited a page more than once?

I really don't understand your complaint. Why should the log files be incorrect? They will be correct to the extent that:
  1. You have added an instance of the Statcounter tracker to each page on your site.
  2. The visitor has not in any way disabled tracking by Statcounter. Usually that would be by disabling third party images, but also by disabling javascript or specifically blocking Statcounter.
  3. The information you are interested in is still part of the log as at the moment you want to see it.