Do I have to put the SC code on every page?

I am using Stat Counter on the landing page of my wiki site

It is giving results, but is not saying what page has been viewed specifically.
The Popular Pages facility presents as (or 5 or 6...)
I suspect the /p/ refers to the Page List on the start page.

I would like SC Popular Pages to tell me exactly which pages are getting hits.

Do I have to past the code into every one of the 100+ pages on the site?
It is there a smarter way of doing it?

Btw, wikidot is very lovely, but I cannot enter html code directly (not that I want to); it is all in wikispeak.

Many thanks for your help.
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Yes, you need to put the SC code on every page you want to be logged, and to be able to follow how the visitors moves around on your site.

The easiest way to do that, is to add the code on a part of the pages that are the same (added to) on all pages, like the footer. If you can't do that your self, I guess you have to contact who ever is the admin for the wiki software you are using, and ask for advice and/or help to add it.