Don't want to log - only to display current counter

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I may be a bit lazy here or forgetful or both. Don't remember seing this anywhere. Is that possible?

I want to be able to only display the current value of the counter without logging the visit at all, regardless of the visitor. I have my reasons for that.

Surely this is possible :?:
webmoriar said:
If I am understanding you correctly, you want the counter to show the number but with no incrementing at all. So the number would be static. If you just want a static number in the StatCounter style I would just save the counter image and host it on my own server to display where I wanted to. Of course I prbly misread your question.
Well, yes, you've misread my question.

Basically I want to be able to show the current image of the counter on some pages with NO logging (not just no incrementing), whereas on other pages I want to have the counter function normally.

Similarly I have written a php script which will use the counter that logs only if certain conditions apply. I would however like to be able to display the current value of the counter without it logging anything for all other situations.

I hope this explains my intention.
webmaster said:
I'm afraid we don't offer this at the moment - why would you want to do this?
No problem if it's not offered yet, or ever, for that matter.

Why do I want that?

The latest reason is that I personally don't want to log AOL visitors, at least not to my photo gallery. Given the peculiar way that my gallery package is set up and the choices of location I have for the counter code, one single AOL visitor going through all my photos would fill up 2 quotas' worth of the counter log, each with a different IP address most likely. I'd just as soon not bother logging an AOL user.

I wrote a little bit of php code to bypass the counter altogether when I detect an AOL user but I'd have liked to still display the counter image as it was before the user got turned loose on my gallery - thus without logging at all.
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