Downloaded file types tracked by SC4 - what is tracked, how to modify list

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This has been discussed in various threads, but it seems there's nothing formalized anywhere. So here goes.

Currently Statcounter, version SC4, tracks the downloads of following list of file extensions by default:

7z|aac|avi|csv|doc|exe|flv|gif|gz|jpg|jpeg|js|mp3|mp4|mpg|mpeg|mov|pdf|phps|png|ppt|rar|sit|tar|torrent|txt |wma|wmv|xls|xml|zip

If you need to add to this list other extensions (e.g. 001, xyz, zzz) then add this line of code to the first javascript of your Statcounter code:

var sc_download_type="001|7z|aac|avi|csv|doc|exe|flv|gif|gz|jpg|jpeg|js|mp3|mp4|mpg|mpeg|mov|pdf|phps|png|ppt|rar|sit|tar|torrent|txt |wma|wmv|xls|xml|xyz|zip|zzz";
Try to keep all the extensions sorted alphabetically (though not strictly necessary).

You can also remove any extensions you don't need from that list.

Other considerations:
1) the url the file being tracked must be on the same site as the page with the trakcing code on it, not on other sites
2) the file must have a clickable link to it, not to another page which contains the file (or anything that opens the file as a popup window or any other javascript ). Nor can it be a file embedded in an iframe or as an object or accessed with a click on a form button.
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