E-mail Reports Not Working - More Info

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:( e-mail reports not working for me, activated, address is correct.

Neither weekly nor on demand is getting me any mail.

Dear webmaster, please do something to get it going.

Thanks in advance, this would make me :D


my e-mail reports dont work either

I too am having no luck with the emailing of reports.

I know the email addresses are correct.

Even using the Send Now option wont work.

Otherwise the stats are excellent!!


If it helps at all, all of our domains forward email to our own mail server and we don't block spam at the server. :?

Anyway guys, hats off to you all for a fantastic service. :D


I tried the Send Email Report Now feature early this morning, and I haven't received anything until now.


My automated emails also stopped after December 7th. Maybe there is something they can look at during that week to determine the problem.


The last email report I received was also the 7th Dec. I am only receiving reports by login in and sending one on demand. I have tried changing me email settings but this made no difference I am still not receiving them



My reports are also not working. I can only get them with the "Send The Email Report Now". I have 5 projects going and currently I have to log in and send the reports manually. Could you please have a look at it. I am paying 19$ a month and this is an important feature. Thanx.


Emails aren't working here too. Neither of the options, 'send weekly' or 'send now' appear to have any result. Hope you can fix it ASAP as this was a big selling point to our client and we would be upgrading if it is fixed.

We monitor all our email, whether spam or not and have not had anything from statcounter regarding our reports.
An interesting discovery, it may be meaningful.

The email address I have for my email reports is on my own website.

I use SpamAssassin to control Spam, however I don't' automatically discard email, it gets tagged as Spam and I deal with it separately.

The mail server however uses a mild setting for SpamAssassin, to eliminate some very obvious Spam from getting to the inbox in the first place. This apparently uses blacklists provided by Spamcop and possibly other methods. The email is not bounced, it is simply discarded.

I have not been getting either my scheduled or the specially requested email reports since December. yesterday I also requested one to be sent immediately and it never came.

Today I changed my email address associated with the Statcounter account, to one unregulated by any special anti-spam software or service. I requested an immediate report and it came within the 5 minutes promised.

I changed my email again back to my web site's email and requested another immediate report for another project - it hasn't come!

Now I definitely get email to my web site, but usually only well formed e-mail.

I have to therefore assume that there's something concerning the form or contents of the report emails that makes them be discarded by some mail servers as spam.

I didn't find the Statcounter email server's IP address in the current Spamcop blacklist, thus it may not be that that blocks it. It may simply be the way it is constructed, the sender's email or the reply-to email fields may not be correct for some methods of testing.


Another strange thing with reports

Well, automatic reports still don't work. The manual one's do work however... but I just discovered a strange thing. The monthly report I sent manually arrives normal in my mailbox. Now I can forward the mail. The new message countains now 5 grafic files as attachement (summary.png; country.png; browser.png; resolution.png; os.png) The really strange thing is now that these graphics are from another project, not the one I got the monthly report. May be somebody else could try this as well. But I guess this is another bug. Hope this can be fixed. Thanx. Pat
Email Reports

Again, if it's of any help, the email address used on all out Statcounter reports goes to an address which has no spam filter on it.

Well I still haven't received my automated weekly email yet (have my own email server, no spam traps etc. Last report recieved 4th Dec) I just tried the immediate report and it has arrived.

Do you have any feedback from users that weren't getting the automated email that they are now, or do you just THINK it should work?
email doesn't work for me either - I signed up for the weekly email, and haven't given that enough time yet, but for the "immediate" one that says it will arrive in 5 minutes, it's been over 12 hours.... so when the webmaster says it works for "most people" and none of us here gets reports... I wonder how they know that "most people" are getting the mails?
I have gone in several times and configured a user to get email... the fact that you're not seeing it in my account might be the source of the problem... I'll go do it again.
I guess another "issue" would be that if for some reason, your system doens't think there's a user who's supposed to get an email, why would it still say "you'll be getting an email in 5 minutes"... maybe it should instead say "I don't have anyone to send it to"...
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