Flash and StatCounter

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sorry for my stupid question, but i´m found nothing about my question, with using of the search-function.

count the statcounter too, if the source code installed in a flash-source?

thanks a lot
0815 said:
hiwayracer said:
As far as i know you can not install the StatCounter code into flash code as the Statcounter code uses javascript.
but javascript works also in a URL or ?
Hi 0815,

i test it today, but i think that the javascript code is not correctly working in the flash source, but i hope that he do his work *g*

if it works i say it here or anybody can absolutly say that it not works.

sorry for my english - i´m learning and train me daily :D

Mr K

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nope sorry, becuase the stats counter uses Javascript to communicate with the browser, you can't put the code in Flash. Flash can't use Javascript like that (although you can get Javascript and Flash to talk ... but it's complex)
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