found this interesting

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Many of those colour properties are well known (blue being cold, orange angry, etc) but the reasons for them, and the fact that they have positive influences as well as negative ones, is indeed very interesting. Thanks for that Seth. ;)

So, what colour scheme are you thinking of for your re-design? To be honest, I like your present brown scheme .... and it sounds as if your competitors do too. ;)
Yes interesting reading, now how do I use that with my website. Yesterday I changed to a pale blue, maybe not that stimulating for a games site. With help from John (thank you John) I am thinking of a darker blue in places and the burnt orange colours (thank you Sharron) from my original logo (again thank you Sharron).
I just went to a brown theme. Now everyone is going to other colors. Hey! I might become unique soon. :)

I wonder what the different shades in colors do. I mean, brown is not just brown. It has shades or brown. Do lighter shades make it less or more positive or what?
There has been a lot written about colours. The fashion industry especially has been into it up to their ears. I remember thirty years ago my wife was into being summer, winter, etc. and chose her wardrobe in the colours that was suppose to represent her season. Lately, I attended a seminar where everyone went through a psycological profile which apparently showed what colour they were (I apparently was a blue). It seems that I am not compatible with any reds out there(maybe that's my problem with the opposite sex?)
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