Free Anti Virus program needed.

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A cousin downunder in the land of Oz has asked me for some advice. He is running Windows XP and has asked me to recommend a good FREE antivirus program. He actually says ...
could you addvise me on some anti virus programs i could download for windows xp ,could you tell me which, i used one called [ avest] ,but it didnt seem to suit my setup,so i have removed it, i have a spy blocker which seems ok,
I'd be grateful for any suggestions. :) I told him I'd get back to him as I'd checked out a few options so don't let me down. :oops:

Oh, BTW, I'm not being unkind but he's not all that computer savvy. By his standards I'm a bloody expert, that shows you how little he knows.

If he was unhappy with Avast! by Awill Software, it may have been his computer had less than optimum memory. I have heard it is a memory hog.

However, that is what I currently use. I have AVG on another computer as well. Those are my top two.

I am very happy with the way Avast! does not interfere with anything else on my computer - so much so, that I can leave it running during installs, and even during Defrag! I especially like the way it scans email. I am sorry he was having trouble with it. I believe they have a user forum as well.

I switched from Avast! to AVG when a friend said AVG found viruses that Avast! couldn't find and when I switched AVG did find a virus that Avast! had not found.
According to a CNET review PC-Cillin is currently the best on the market though it is not free. Although my mother board came with Cillin, i use McAfee.

As for Norton it does more harm than good.

I use AVG at work and must say it has been i while since i have had a virus, AVG def does its job. As for Avast, i download it once and removed it almost immediatly as i really did not like it.

Do not forget about a firewall, brilliant free ones are zone alarm and sygate. I stand to be corrected but i think their is also a freeware AVG that has a built in firewall. (it might of been beta, cant remember)
Quite awhile back I used McAfee but quit when I noticed it slowing down my computer and then decided why pay for one that slows down your computer when there free ones that are almost transparent like AVG.
AND adaware ain't an anti-virus thingy either :roll:
Just figured that someone who didn't have anti-virus software wouldn't have anti-spyware either.
Oh, I've not had any positives from AVG, either real or false, it's that good :lol:

When I first installed AVG it picked one long dead and ineffective trojan on my second drive which had once been my main drive.

I use other tools periodically, like Panda, just to make sure AVG isn't missing anything interesting. Fingers crossed, I've never found anything.
My email gets filetred at various points before it gets to me so I've not had any nasties deliverd to my inbox either, but I know AVG is scanning it all on entry.

I'm happy with it. And it's free. With 5 or 6 computers here any commercial antivirus would ruin me at $50 or $60 minimum each per year. I'd only use those if AVG weren't that good. But it is that good.
I'd also recommend AVG, using it for years now and I've always been happy with it. Tried a few other alternatives briefly which are probably just as good, but if it's not broke why fix/replace it?
I use AVG paid-for license for two computers and have absolutely no problems. I used the free version for months before I decided to pay as I believe they deserve the money. I tried MacAfee and Norton and found them too invasive, taking over the computers too much.
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