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After a search in the forum here I decided to start a new thread on the free website/ free host subject.

Someone I know is looking for a free site with free hosting with access to the page html editing.

Anyone have any referrals for this?

I already suggested to the person looking for these items to use G Blogger, or Word Press. Is there something better? They want to use it for selling and they have 0$'s for start up.
What about weebly ?

Free site includes a visible button but apparently it's v user-friendly. Heard some good things about the software but haven't used it myself.
Thank you Jen... I will pass this on. Last night I found 000website but also found too many posts that they are a scam. I will look into weebly and pass it on. Thank you again. ;-)

Yeah I tried letting her know a free site with free hosting might involve the provider pasting their ads all over her page... and its not the best way to go if you want search engines to like your page. She just wants to get something started from home to make money and I guess she's informed enough to know the freebie can't go on forever. Anyway I passed on the Weebly link. She can decide after she looks at what they offer.
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Hey DSL Guy:

... if she does elect to go with a free web host, at the very least have her purchase her own domain name, and not use a sudbdomain of a free hosting company. The expense is negligible, and she won't be throwing away any hard work done when/if she elects to move away from a free host.
I've yet to use either but Google Sites ( ) and Webs ( ) are the two free subdomain host sites that come to mind. Webs seems to lack scam and spam control which has negative effects for Google's SERP, as I understand it. That's enough to tip the scale to the Google platform for me.

You mentioned Blogger, which I like a lot. When you add the Picasa, Adwords, Adsense, Documents, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools modules, it becomes a pretty powerful publishing ensemble that's hard to beat in the "free" price range. I really like the access control options for Blogger, Picasa and Documents. I will admit however, that learning the "blasted" interface for these apps is a hair pulling exercise. (Of course the "cuss jar" fills up faster which is cool if you use the proceeds for something fun- if I'm allowed to simply make up a positive for these issues- glass half full, glass half full, glass half full....) The real downside is the 10 static page limit, that most templates have a definite "blog" look and the code can sometimes seem a little goofy. The latter is pretty much WYSIWYG authoring straight across the board as I see it, but these issues are circumventable with a little reading. Good luck!
Only just seen this Danny. A friend of mine with zero knowledge set up a nice site using Weebly. They did buy their own domain name to make it look more professional but they didn't have to. They sought my help on a few matters they couldn't handle and from what I saw of Weebly it is very user friendly yet is also fully editable. It includes options such as Galleries, Forums, Blog pages, Multimedia, Shopping Carts, right down to plain HTML pages. Most of it is very simple drag and drop, placing the 'elements' where needed but there are also very many pre-designed templates available. Hope this helps. :wink:
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