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I have a strange problem and am wondering if anyone here may be able to help.

I get that Google+ and Blogger can be connected but only if we're prepared to allow Blogger to use our G+ profile. In my case, I don't want to change my blogger profile and so I've managed without the 'connection'. I would have like to have the G+ share button on my blog but it's not a major problem.

However, I've recently found the G+ share button on my blog when I visit my blog using my laptop, but NOT when I use my Desktop machine. I've sat with both machines side-by-side comparing all the settings and I can find no differences.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why it works on one machine and not the other, I'd be very pleased to hear about it. Also, is the G+ button visible to everyone or only me? I'd be pleased if some of you could check. My Blog



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Hi John,

I can see a "share" button for Twitter and Facebook, but non for G+

I have very little understanding about the "social networking", the way it is done nowadays with Twitter, G+ and Facebook.
I have several email addresses, also one "normal" Gmail address, but that's about it. :mrgreen:
Thanks guys. I can see that the presence of the G+ button could be browser dependent but in my case I am using Chrome on both machines, and I can't figure out why it works on one and not the other.


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Thanks guys. I can see that the presence of the G+ button could be browser dependent but in my case I am using Chrome on both machines, and I can't figure out why it works on one and not the other.
Ok, tested with IE 9 and Chrome, and with them I can see a "g +1" (Publicly recommend on Google) button next to the Facebook "like" button.

I guess my Seamonkey browser is not supported by (almost?) any of those "social networks", even if I can see the buttons for some of them. :wink:
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Hi John,

Well your blog template is html5, but you have this bit in the head:
<meta content='IE=EmulateIE7' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/>

The +1 button markup you use is valid for html5 but IE does not always render html5 code and I'm pretty sure IE7 and even IE8 (what I have) don't either.
IE9 might.

It shows OK in Chrome.

Also from experience and maybe unrelated to the doctype I have had problems with that button when used in conjunction with some scripts such as Lightbox.

The problems range from the button being invisible to js errors being reported.
I took care of the js with a bit of desperate cheating by adding this script to the head:

<script type="text/javascript">

function noError(){return true;}
window.onerror = noError;
// -->
The visibillity of the button was sometimes helped by moving the js code it goes with to the bottom of the page source code.

No idea if you can fiddle quite so extensively with a Blogger template though.
Thanks for that Chris, but anything wrong within the code or template would apply to BOTH my machines, not just one of them. It has to be something on my end.

Hope you're keeping well. :wink:
Oh yeah. It could be the old chestnut of allowing or not third party images/cookies ... that sort of stuff.

I'm no longer using IE myself as regular browser as it freezes something awful, but it seems I've had updates from MS so invariably it must have reverted to stricter privacy rules.
I'm running Chrome and have re-installed it on both machines to make sure I'm running with equal version numbers and defaults.

Ah-hah! What about the Firewalls, he exclaims, scurrying away to do some more comparing. :lol:

For some reason the AVG-Do Not Track facility was blocking Google+ on one machine but not the other. I knew it had to be my end but I'm kicking myself for not figuring it our sooner. Oh well, there now. Thanks all. :wink:
Lots of different settings under the hood with Chrome.

I stopped using AVG - using Microsoft Security Essentials now. Less of a footprint, AVG was eating up all my cycles and taking ages to complete a scan.
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