Google bot comes up with an "unkown"

Does anyone know why my home page (I'm assuming it is our home page) shows up as: " (No referring link) Unknown " when I view the Visitor Paths in Statcounter? I have notice that our home page does not come up in a search in google anymore. All our other pages are doing fine. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.


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Are you referring to entries like this?

(No referring link)
13 Jul 06:29:45

StatCounter Team
No.. what I am referring to is the google result from the "No Referring Link" .... "Unknown".
I'm thinking it must be our home page as I never see it come up in a google or bing bot result on statcounter.
I'm not a webmaster by any stretch of the imagination.. but we did redo our home page with "Web Builder 11" and ever since then I have notice this happening. About 4 months.
I really appreciate any thoughts anyone has.

Thanks for getting back to me.
Can you give me an example of a page that need the code reinstalled?
That would really help.
Some of my pages are from a old web building problem that does not work anymore. (We are currently rebuilding a lot of those pages)
that info would really help.
thanks again
Your Statcounter tracking code is outside of your page, you have inserted it after the closing </html> tag. You need to move it above the closing </body> tag. Thre shoudl be nothing between </body> and </html> nor below </html>.
Thanks for your reply.
Support told me to put the code at "End of Page" but on their installation page they say... "It's very important to install StatCounter in the correct place on your website i.e. just inside the closing "body" tag - </body> - as indicated below. Simply copy and paste your StatCounter code into this position on each page of your website. Don't forget to save your changes."
I'm confused?
Right, the "end of page" is the </body> tag. The code has to go inside the body: between <body> and </body>, preferably just before the </body> tag.
The </html> tag goes after the </body> tag and there should be nothing between those 2 tags, nor after the </html> tag.