Google's sandbox

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Never was in it really. I think it's a myth.

Sites don't get crawled and indexed or are poorly indexed when they are badly structured, invalid broken block level code, poor navigation (like using javascript menuas with no html alternative, or flash) and no quality backlinks and /or have outgoing links to bad sites. If the site gives off any hint of spmaminess it just won't get indexed.

Anyway, that's my epxerience so far from looking at quite a few sites whose owners have blamed the sandbox effect on their status.
Pages are being crawled and indexed but there is no serp at all -- not a single page in search results: this looks like a sandbox to me - the least:confused:
If you search google for, the site is listed.

You're in there, you simply haven't made enough of a unique or powerful impression to raise your standing.

Otherwise, you're simply in such a glut, that improving your standing's going to be very tough.
Can't say I've ever been "sandboxed" either - unless there was no such thing five years ago. Quite possibly it is something that's quite new (in internet terms) so those with established sites would not have come across it personally.
I read somewhere that if you can get a .gov site to link to you it will take you out of the sandbox (if indeed it’s not a myth) .gov in googles eyes are never spammy so the association gives you credibility. However if you can talk a .gov site to link to you tell me how you did it because I wouldnt mind one to any of my sites

Also the length of time you register your domain name for is meant to have a bearing; spammers to save money dont generally register a domain name for years and years

also i think google is a bit slow in indexing at present, a year ago google and yahoo seemed to be in competition with each other to index the most sites and pages, presently every thing seems to be going a bit slower now, i recently had problems myself getting a site indexed and know the frustration
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So are we saying, if there's a sandbox, that being known to google (i.e. showing up in a site-domain-specific search) is not the same as getting listed in content?
There's no specific time frame for a site to be out of Googles' sandbox. It can happen in months...or it may take years.
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