Hacking suspicion

When a webpage with Statcounter installed is downloaded and saved to a particular dIrectory on my computer, does StatCounter record the file address to the directory on my computer that saved the webpage, and make it available to the StatCounter client?

The file address is: /Users/janetcraven/Desktop/The Smith Files/Sebastian Smith.html which is a real file address on my computer.

If StatCounter doesn't offer this facility (as a StatCounter client myself, I cannot find it), I can only come to the conclusion that if the person did not get this file address from StatCounter (he alleges that he did), then he must have hacked my computer.
If you visit a locally saved page on YOUR computer, which has Statcounter tracking code on it, the address of the page will be the address of the local page from your computer.

As well another visitor may save your page to THEIR computer and access is from there, then the address of the page logged by Statcounter will be from their computer.
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