How can I find links to my site?

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Hi All

Is it possible to find where the links to my site are?

I've heard that there is a way to use search engines by typing in linkdomain:"your site" but it doesn't seem to work, yet I know I have links out there.

I'd like to find any that I didn't know about.

Thanks for any help. :)
Kitty, try using link: yourdomain. It's not a precise science I'm afraid, and I know of lots of links to my site that don't show up.
That's a tricky question.

In Google it's the link: operator. But it reports erratically. It's most likely that it won't know of links to your site if both of thse conditions are not fulfilled:

1) you site is already well indexed.
2) the sites that link to you are already well indexed.

Try the link checker tool from but please be careful not to overuse it - Google tends to block it altogether from accessing the datacenters if it happens too often.

It wil report how many links exist from each of the major known datacenters.
JWJ said:
Interesting. I tried 'links:' and it returned 104 links for my site, whereas 'link:' (without the 's') returns 147.
Funny ol' Google (as usual!).... I get 55 with 'link' and zero with 'links'
Where does Google mention that 'links' is a legit operator?
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