How can I track the number of hits to a specific page on my web site?


StatCounter Team
There are two option to do this:

  1. Popular Pages Stat
    You can see this stat in the left navigation bar when you log into your StatCounter account and view your stats. This stat shows you which are your most popular pages based on the contents of your log file. (This means that, for free accounts with a log size of 500, the popular pages will be based on the last 500 pageloads on your site.)

  2. Create a Single Project to Monitor One Page
    To permanently track total hits to one specific page of your website, you should set up a new project in your StatCounter account. The code generated via this project should be installed only on the particular web page of interest.

    Note that most of the stats for this project will be meaningless (i.e. you can't track visitor paths when the code is installed on one page only) however, you will be able to permanently track total hits to that web page via the Summary Stats.

    We also strongly recommend that you set up a StatCounter project and generate code which is installed on every page of your site. This will allow you to track full information about the visitors to your site. Note that this means that on the particular webpage of interest, you will have two separate StatCounter codes installed. One to track that page only and one to track stats for your entire site.
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