How Do Google's Most Recent Algorithm Updates Impact SEO?

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Someone asked me what the latest “small” Google update on September 27 was about. The only thing I could tell him was that the black hat link spammers saw it first.

Did that mean the recent update was related to spammy links? Probably not.

Black hats tend to build sites that are essentially a collection of landing pages built on the foundation of shopping keywords. So it could have been an update related to content. It could have been a lot of things.

If you’re going to put money on it, the surest bet would be on the likelihood it was about relevance.

Focusing on what kind of spam Google is “targeting” rarely, in my opinion, captures the improvements to relevance Google might actually be making. So let’s set aside considerations of what Google might have been targeting.

A better focus is on trying to understand how Google ranks websites today.
Google's algorithms get updated daily, sometimes more than once a day. I don't know what specifically you think happened on Sept 27.
It's always about fighting spam, malware, phishing and finding the best quality signals on the web.
from information that comes from the source;), it appears that Google rewards pages that are most useful to users, containing interesting and helpful content, in marketing activities need to emphasize quality, quantity is less important
Google algorithm is last updated on September 27. The only thing I could tell him was that the black hat link spammers saw it first. Black SEO is refers to set of practices to increases the rank site or page rank Through violate the search engine terms of engine.
In my opinion, the most recent changes to the algorithm demands a re-evaluation of common SEO practices like focusing on things like title tags and heading elements.
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