HTML codes published on my blog - is that bad for SEO?

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Hi! :)

I recently started a blog offering some free themes for blogspot I'm designing, I'm publishing the codes for the templates directly in the posts, but I noticed that Google indexed those codes & wondered if it wasn't preferable that I put the codes in a txt file that I upload somewhere .. if so, is there a reliable host for files that won't delete them after some time? or better to upload to my server?

Thank you! :)
You could store the codes on individual pages where they get outoput as <code> ..</code> on your own server, with a robots "noidex,nofollow" meta tag, plus disallow robots in the robots.txt file on the server.

Then in your blog on Blogspot you can insert them in iframes. I don't know whether Blogger allows iframes or not, somehtign to test. Possibly won't allow it if the template doctype is for xhtml strict.
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "">
But I think it's possible to use iframes anyways, I don't care much if it's valid or not, as anyways the posts editor in Blogger doesn't make it easy to post clean codes, often it tries to "fix" the codes & mess the whole template ...

Thanks for the nice tip :)
Well the way to show code is to use the <pre> tag which keeps the original formatting. Or use the <code> tag (but it makes puny tiny text). Also it has to be encoded for text display otherwise it gets taken to be actual code for the page itself.
With the <code> tag I had to convert "<" to "&lt;" & ">" to "&gt;" but the line-breaks were lost, I had then to insert a lot of "<br />'s" to get them back .. in blogger or wordpress (like in this forum) <br /> tags are added automatically ..
Yes, because the wysiwyg editor Blogger and Worpress use does all that :)

You can copy the html code generated by Blogger or Wordpress when you used it directly and paste that into the source code of your own separate page.

Or use a WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, or Frontpage or NVU (which is free) so you let it make those conversions.
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