Trim PX Keto today I'm gonna make it so easy for you to triphala genex for yourself you will literally have to take me up on it let me put it in perspective for you over your lifetime how much cash have you blown trying to impress the women in your life I'm talking about the flowers the dinners the lingerie the jewelry and everything else you dig into your pocket for to keep her happy even if you just looked at how many times you send a girl a drink in hopes of getting in her pants if you're a grown man 10 or even 20 K is probably on the low end of how much you've already shelled out and what did you get and return for all that money sometimes nothing yeah the times you're lucky you might get laid but not because she wants to fuck you because she feels like she has to so the whole thing is kind of tainted don't you think come on you want her to actually give a fuck when she's giving a fuck and when