Keto Viante you can love yourself if nothing the only the only thing is gonna come out of it is greatness it's not gonna be bad it's not gonna be anything bad you can accept who you are so that you can do better you can become a better you number four write it down okay writing it down means right every single thing down whether that be your feelings what are you eating what are your aspirations what are your desires what are your expectations of yourself I usually I have a dry erase board a journal I have sticky notes everywhere I have calendar I use my cell phone constantly and that helps me remember why I'm doing all of this it helps me stay on track as well because we tend to get off track and we don't have a reminder so that's a great reminder um number five is really hilarious but it is true stop hating on yourself so you know you hear people say oh I got a bunch of haters they might taint on me the biggest hater that you have is yourself because you don't believe in yourself as much as you should we tend to doubt ourselves like oh I can't do it oh this person did it off I could never do that or uh you know I just I'm just always failing or whatever that's hating on yourself you need to uplift yourself you need to motivate yourself need to be proud of you you need to support you if you don't support yourself who's gonna support you you can't expect other people to do it so that's the big one number five stop hating''