I just installed the Statcounter code on my site and it’s not working?

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You’ve visited your site or had your friends visit, and see nothing in your stats!

If the code is installed correctly it should begin recording stats immediately; their is no delay.

The most common cause of the counter not recording is either the code is installed in the wrong place,
or the code got corrupted during the installation or it’s not even installed at all!

The first thing to do is to check to see if the code is even installed
View your page in a browser.
In Internet Explorer, click View > Source.
Then Edit > Find. Search for “statcounter”
In Firefox; View > Page Source.
Then Edit > Find, then search for “statcounter”

You should find the Statcounter code on your page. If not, it didn’t get installed and that would be your problem! If the code is there, you need to compare it to the code that you got when you created your Project. You should have been sent a copy of the code to your email address, or you can click the little wrench beside your project, then Reinstall Code, or Default Guide.
It is very important that the code in your page source matches the code Statcounter generated for you. It should have no extra characters, like &amp

If you see extra characters, or missing parts, the code is corrupted. More on that later.

Where to install the code
Ideally the code should be placed in the body of the page source, however you may be limited on where you can place the code depending on whether you get free hosting for your site, or if you do not have FTP access to your site.

If you can edit the page source, or the code of your site, then the simplest place to put the code is in a common page element like a footer template. This way any page that loads that footer will be tracked. Also, any time you need to change or update your Statcounter code, you need only do it in one place.

Some sites that are not hosted by you will only provide a “plug-in” or “module” to install Statcounter. These may, or may not allow the full javascript code to be installed. Please read the Install Guide that applies to your site, like Freewebs, Xanga, etc. If you are editing the html code, place the code in the body section, just before the </body>

However the code is installed, it should be on all your pages that you want tracked. It cannot track pages it’s not installed on. Most sites have a "footer", things like copy right and privacy links are usually found there, the footer is usually a part of every page. If you install the code there it will be included on all pages that use that footer.

The code should NOT be installed the header section of the page. It should NOT be installed inside of another javascript.

How the code gets corrupted
When the Code Wizard generates the code, DO NOT copy the code from the browser and paste it into the page source or into a plug-in or module. A browser will add extra characters to the pasted code that will corrupt it. Instead paste it into a text editor like Notepad, THEN copy & paste from there.
If you are installing the code in your WYSIWYG webpage editor, you MUST use the “code” view or html mode. You will corrupt the code otherwise.

Be sure to read Getting Started with Statcounter
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