Install Statcounter in Webplus X7

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Installing Statcounter using Webplus X7 is easy and it works just fine. I cannot confirm if this will work with earlier versions of Webplus.

Start by getting the required counter code to use Statcounter in your Webplus X7 website.

1. Login to your Statcounter account

2. Click the little wrench to the right of your project to access Settings

3. Select Default Code if you are using an invisible counter or Reinstall Code if you are using a visible counter.

4. Copy the code to the clipboard.

5. In Webplus X7 open any regular page. This WILL NOT work with the Master pages.

6. Use ALT+S to open in HTML view.

7. Note, only the white areas are you able to edit.

8. Scroll to the bottom of the page and it will look similar to the screenshot below.

9. Place your cursor in the white area (highlighted black in the image) just above the <!-- Page Body End --> and right click and paste. You are pasting into the area identified as <!-- Master A Body End -->

10. Click Save in Webplus X7.

You can now Publish or Preview your site with Webplus X7.

When you open your browser after installing the code, you can view the page source to check that your code is placed correctly. In your browser, right click on the page and select View Page Source.

Then scroll down to the bottom and you should see your Statcounter code placed as you see in the below image.

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