Installing Spywareblaster

Hello. I can not go to Yahoo or if I join, I can not change pages because of blocks from Spybot or any other gremlin (nothing happens on any virus scanner). I refreshed the page a few times and it works. Maybe I have some other bug in my IE installer, I tried to find them. I had a bigger problem recently after installing Spywareblaster. I removed it and everything started to behave better, but not perfect. A brand new computer that I set up last week did not hurt me. Same setup in general, except I did not install all the anti-spyware tools on it yet, only the basic pop-up killer and anti-virus. I have no problem surfing everywhere and everywhere. I pay the price for using Spybot and other things. Problem finding appropriate edits.
Thank you
I've been using SP for years but suddenly, after installing 5.5, there is no longer a listing for Chrome (or any of the other browsers that are listed as protected, except IE and FF). ??? In addition, I went to Wilders Security Forum to ask in the official SP section there, but it looks like no one from Brightfort has answered in a long time, and there is nothing new posted there. I tried to make an account so I could ask about this, but the forum never sent me an email to confirm my account. Plex Kodi Lucky Patcher
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