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As a science-related forum, I thought this would be a relevant post. As a Richmond, VA local, I just found out about this new patent-pending material that’s supposed to be the better alternative to silicone. It’s called Ceramber, and basically, it’s sturdier and collapsible and won’t break if you drop it. They used it to make bakeware called a Foldtuk – kinda cool!
Sure it's a wierd post, for us. No spam in it, as I can see. But are we waiting for the "right" respond to it? :wink:
yes, I should have considered that there was no obvious spamish intent, but I humble myself in that I'm always super suspicious of any odd or even obvious post. I also mistakenly took cues from the previious posts.

So I publicly apologize for any reference to spam other then, hey do they store it in tupperware.:wink:
I suppose as moderators, or myself only as a moderator tend (sadly) always looking for the purpose of a post, thread etc.

I see as others have, the oddness of the post. I mean I ask myself lacking any obvious methods of spam, no links, no sig's etc, what is going on.

But then I am well aware of the keyword usage and I ask myself in my limited what purpose was this post made.

Also, I've not looked beyond the obvious and sadly not taken into consideration the language or orgin of the poster, which if I had might make a huge difference in the intent of the initial post.

That is the problem with an international forum with such a diverse membership. We can't possibly understand nor comprehend intent by a type thread or post.

For not being all knowing and all that, again I apologize if I mis interpreted as I might have the intent of this thread.

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