Issue with StatCounter iphone app


I am using the StatCounter iphone app and noticed that on the "Projects" page (first screen after I launch the app where it shows a summary of my projects), it says "Total Page Views" but the numbers for "Today" and "Yesterday" correspond to "Visits" instead. When I click on the Settings button I can see that I have the option to change "Traffic Type", but even after choosing "Unique Visits", on the actual screen it continues to say "Total Page Views". Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong here?

It has the Issue

It is the major issue with statcounter, if all things are not properly displaying so it can be fix else that feature should be disable by the admin so that people can't get confused.
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I also experienced the same problem, there is problem with the statcounter iPhone app.Unless every thing is fixed the feature should be disabled by the admin, so that viewers may not be get more confused.
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