I'd like to comment on the new layout on the main stats page. It's showing the country, whether the visitor is using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or phone.
I do like it and it's certainly kept me active a lot longer!
Layout change

Personally, I do not like the new layout. We already had the visitor's informations when we clicked on the magnifying glass. I found it too busy for something we have in double.

Also, we now see the visitor's IP address always ending with a "0" instead of having the real complete IP. This I do not like at all.

Why change something that was just perfect before?
Looks the same but honestly, all my visitor's IP are ending with a zero!
(I have written the whole IP in Labels...)
This problem started on Oct 4.

What is the problem and how can StatCounter can fix this?



This must be it.

Mask IP addresses by changing the last octet to 0. For example, would become You can enable this setting if you do not wish to store full IP addresses for your project.