Limiting viewable stats for an/any IP

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Limiting stats for an/any IP

I have been using statcounter for many years on just normal static website(s).
Now I have it also installed on my new blog (through the WP-Plugin), but now all I really get are very long lists of the same visitors/IP's and when they reach 100 a nice little link to view more then 100 hits of that same visitors. So every page maybe has 3 visitors with lomg, long lists. Not very viewable friendly.

I checked the options, but unless I am overlooking it, is there an option to set a limit for all IP's for the shown hits/pages. Lets say just the latest/last 25 hits/pages.

I mean I used to have between 7-10 days of stats and now it is between 4-10 hours. I am willing to upgrade to get more stats, but looking through them would be not a very "lookingforward" job to do, with all the long, long lists of the same IP's.

Maybe an new option to limit the direct view of hits (10-25) with a link you click on the view the rest if needed.

Regards, Ron
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On a second note, you do have the system build in when an IP reaches 100 hits/lines/views whatever

Only the 100 most recent entries shown, to see 53 previous entries, magnify this user.

So why not create the option in the config for the webmaster to able to set it to 10-25 whatever.
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