Locking up Browser

HI .. the last two days the script is causing my browser to lock up. When I visit my website that has the StatCounter script on it, it is often and on locking up my browser. Then even after clearing my cookies I still cannot access my website unless I ad-block the Statcounter script. Please help
If you are using the "Standard Code" on your page you might be having the same problem that I posted a bug report on yesterday. The counter.js on the statcounter site isn't responding causing long delay in loading the page. I switched mine to use the "Basic Code" until it gets fixed.
OMG samerrill .. thank you so so much!

On Friday we started having problems but couldnt figure out what it was. Then late Friday we realized it was statcounter. Since Friday we have tried everything and basically just removed the code all together. But your solution works! Thank you. It has been horrible guessing what was wrong with this.
Use the browser developer tools to troubleshoot. I prefer Chrome's right-click, inspect. Switch to the "Network" view then reload the page that's having problems. You will see each objects load time or error message.

Use it on this forum page and you will see it is also affected by the counter.js problem.

Read more about Chrome's developer tools network performance troubleshooting here:

If you don't use Chrome, IE has a developer tool (F12) with similar features and so does Firefox.
The basic view however will not collect and show a lot of the information that requires javascript: page title, referrer, screen size.