Log Durations + different "Entire Log" counts in the same project?

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First I'd like to say that I have been using Stat Counter for years and it has really improved! There's so much you can do with it now.

I use Stat Counter on 3 different sites and I pay $5/month for an additional 50,000 log space. I've been playing around with the log quotas and looking at some of the stats. My first question is about "Log Distribution". On this page you can define the log space for each site - which I have done to total 50,000 - but my question is about the log durations. One site (the most popular of the 3) has a duration of 9 months, while the other 2 sites have a duration of "10 years" and "10+ years". The page has an asterisk that says: "Log duration is estimated based on your current traffic." What exactly does this mean? I guess I am wondering why there is such a huge disparity between the log durations and if there is a way to get the log duration of the first site to be more than 9 months.

Also -- looking at one of the sites / projects, I'm confused about the "Entire Log" viewing option on some of the stat pages. For example -- "Popular Pages" shows the "Entire Log" as 4 weeks, while "Exit Links" shows the "Entire Log" as 5 years, and "Downloads" is 3 months. Why is there such a difference in the Entire Log lengths of time? Is there a way to change this?

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If you assigned, say, 10000 to each log, this means each contains the latest 10000 hits. For a rarely visited site this may cover 10 years, while for a heavily visited site this may cover 1 week.

For your second question, you cannot change that. The space allotted in the database for individual types of stats is fixed but stats like Entry pages, Exit links, Downloads account for much less than the total hit log space for the project, so for each type there will be different time ranges covered.
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My main confusion is why the "Entire Log" lengths for the same page are different for each project. For example, "Popular Pages" shows the following "Entire Log" durations:

Site #1 - 4 Weeks
Site #2 - 7 Months
Site #3 - 3 Months

These durations are the same for nearly every stat page, except for Exit Links and Downloads. What I find odd about this is that Site #3 is the least popular of the 3 with under 50,000 total hits / page loads, but I can see less detail than Site #2 which is more popular. I have a log size of 10,000 allocated to Site #3 at the moment. Shouldn't I be able to see more than 3 months of activity? The site definitely hasn't had more than 10,000 hits in the past 3 months. If I were to allocate all of my log space to this one site (hypothetically speaking), shouldn't I be able to see 100% of the site's activity (which would be years of data) - not just 3 months?

Despite that - Site #2 is what I'm most interested in looking at more closely. This site has around 350,000 total page views to date. Looking at the Summary Stats, this site had a huge spike of activity from 2015 - 2017 that is incredibly unusual. This site has been around for about 12 years and has averaged 5-7K page loads a year, but in 2015 the page loads spiked to nearly 90K page loads, 2016 had over 100K page loads, 2017 was about the same, and then it dropped off. This year (2018) is the normal average. I find it hard to believe that that many page loads actually occurred lol and I wanted to analyze the stats to try to figure out if it was a real person/people or perhaps a rogue bot. (I do have "Ignore Visits from Crawlers and Bots" checked for each site project). One day in particular had over 1K page loads -- that's 1/5 of what the entire site gets in a typical year! For a site with less than 10 total pages, I just don't see how this is possible lol.

But, as it stands I can only see the last 7 months of detailed data for this site which brings me to the start of 2018. Even if I could see some of 2017's data that would be helpful. I assume I would need to increase my log quota to see more of the data, as 50,000 would not be enough to see it all (and my other sites need logs too). If I had a log quota of 100,000 or even 250,000 instead of 50,000, would I be able to see more than 7 month's worth of data?

Thanks for the time!

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When you increase the log quota for a project, it's only from that moment on that the the log is increased, you will not see previously data except as it was when the log was smaller. Any prior data that was not in the log when you increased it is gone.

If you want the support group to help you specifically with your projects you need to open a support ticket.
Ahh, that's a bummer. I was thinking that 100% of the log details were kept on the SC servers, but you can only see as much detail as your log quota allows. Maybe an enhancement for the future :) Thanks for the explanation!!

I doubt such an enhancement would or even could ever be made. There's no such thing as unlimited space. You should download your logs regularly. You can then filter them or process them in various ways.