Log file no longer shows downloaded filename

For the last several years the log file 'download' record type showed the name of the file that was downloaded in the URL field.

As of Feb 4, 2017, this 'download' record type does not show the name of the file that was downloaded. Instead it shows a URL which I think is the name of the webpage that did the download. It also shows this URL in 'Came From' field.

I found it very useful to know which files were being downloaded by my website and hope you can correct this issue as soon as possible.

Attached is an Excel file with a couple of examples from January, 2017 when the log file include the name of the file downloaded and a couple of examples from February, 2017 when this information is missing.

I just learned I cannot attach an Excel file! So, I copied the data into a Word file but had to hide several of the blank fields to allow the record to fit on the page. Now I have learned that you cannot attach a .docx file (which has been the standard Word file for a few years!) I'll save it again as a .doc file. Now I'm about 25 KB over the limit. I'll delete much of the data. Still too big (although the Excel and docs files were under the 29KB limit), I'll attach it as a .txt file but the field titles and data don't line up as well.

Thanks for your help addressing this issue.

Gary Graham